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Seriously struggling with the lighting in my little uni room as you can see :( And it's so dark recently, why is the weather going crazy! Really feel for everyone affected by this ridiculous flooding. 

I bought this skirt in the Motel sale (I think it's still in!) and it's exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a high waisted skirt to go with all my crop tops but wanted something more interesting than all the black ones I currently own. 

I had such a nice Valentines day yesterday despite being singleton. Had lunch with my friend at Wagamamas, had never been before but enjoyed the food SO much. Can see why everyone raves about it! Then went to the pub for a bit after shopping, came home to get dressed up and went to Harvey Nichols for cocktails with a couple of my friends. Then went on to a really lovely Italian restaurant and had more wine and tons of food. So ended up being quite a busy but really lovely day! Thought I may as well treat myself if no one else was going to :)
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I wanted this dress ever since I saw it on Lily's blog. There have been so many things recently that I just have to buy because I can't get them out of my head! Seriously need to stop.  It also doesn't help that I now live a 2 minutes walk from Topshop and Urban Outfitters. It's just too tempting! 

Been buying a lot of tartan items recently although this scarf is my sister's, I wanted to buy it too but can't seem to find it in store or online :( I love clashing tartan with another pattern, especially subtle tartan like this

It's so sunny today at last! Need to go for a walk, and try my best not to wander into any shops. 
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Hello! Happy new year! I'm so sad that it's boring January again but at least the days are slowly getting longer again. I think it should be allowed for all the Christmas lights to be left up during January just to add a big of cheer to this boring month!

I've finally had my hair done again, my roots were getting so bad and this time I've had it cut even shorter. I've started going to Essesuals in Shrewsbury and have been well impressed. I hate it when hairdressers act like hair is all there is to your life and tell you off for not taking care of it, Essensuals are just really friendly and seem to know exactly what style I want.

Decided to try somewhere different to take these photos, with my sister helping me out and getting annoyed at me for hiding the camera whenever someone would walk past. I just find taking outfit photos really embarrassing! Anyway I was really pleased to find this top in Primark, it only ended up being £2 - it's unusual for me to find good bargains like that! I love this coat too, I seem to have found a ridiculous amount of coats that I love this year. Unfortunately I can't afford them all but I hoped that this one would do me for next year too as it isn't such a specific style that I could go off. For clothing that expensive I want something I won't regret!
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It's been a really long time since my last post but as usual my blog has still been on my mind. Although I can't seem to stick to any sort of blogging schedule I still enjoy it when I have some time to take some photos. 

I've been super busy at the moment having started uni and my course (Graphic Design) is taking up the majority of my week. The deadline for all this term's work is due in next week which is why I am procrastinating by writing a blog post! I've also been shopping a lot recently, whenever I try and do some Christmas shopping I always end up buying things for myself too! Also living a 2 minute walk away from Topshop and Urban Outfitters is a bit of a problem for me! 

I've been wearing these jeans so much recently. They're so comfortable and go with everything. I wanted to buy some good trainers recently (all my others are cheapy Primark ones) and had my heart set on some chunky white ones. I wanted the Nike Air Force 1s but couldn't find the Ladies version in any shops so ended up buying them on eBay. Also worked out so much cheaper and they were practically new when they arrived! I have been wearing these trainers most of the time as they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.