september instagram

Here is a roundup of my Instagram photos this month (@chloehford)

01.  I love how my mum always has fresh flowers at home, they brighten up a room so much.

02.  Fresh orange juice from Boston Tea Party, so refreshing and nursed my recovery from Boomtown festival.

03.  Went on our yearly family trip to Eastbourne, I love being by the sea so much. Luckily this year it didn't rain all week like it did last year!

04. Went to Rocket vegetarian cafe in Bath, although I'm not a veggie I really enjoyed the mezze platter - amazing falafel and garlic bread mmm. My mum and sister enjoyed these smoothies - they were a bit too healthy for me though!

05. I bloomin love this juice from Marks and Spencer - kale with tropical juice, it's super refreshing.

06. Spent too much money in HAY in Bath, it's easily done as everything is sooo lovely but soooo expensive.

07. Managed to go to Dismaland a couple of days after it opened with my friend Laura, we only queued for an hour and it was definitely worth it. It was really inspiring and the drizzly weather just added to the whole nature of it.

08. After failing to see any balloons on the first day of the balloon fiesta, the next day I got a great view from a friends roof that overlooked the suspension bridge. I really wish I'd had my proper camera on me though, my iPhone camera didn't do it justice at all.

09. I feel like every time I come accross plants for sale I have to buy one. These were outside Bloomsbury in Bath, I thought my Birkenstocks + succulents = the epitome of hipster instagram photos.


life update

Hello if anyone is still there?! It's been 1 year and 7 months since I last blogged and found that the lack of light in my little uni room was just too difficult to try and take pictures with. Terrible excuse I know, but since the thought of taking outfit photos outside is a scary one for me, I unconsciously ended up stopping. I wanted to blog about other things and write more lifestyle posts but what with starting uni and some health problems it just didn't end up happening.

I'm going into my third year at uni on Monday so this is probably a terrible time to start up again! But I'm not going to hold myself to it and I'll just blog when I want (on the encouragement of my friend Sian).

I've still been reading tons of blogs and lots of Youtube, and I think I have been quite intimidated to start blogging again when the standard of it all has skyrocketed! But I'm going to put my perfectionism to one side and just do what I can.

So in the last 1 year and 7 months a lot has happened as you can imagine! I have completed my 2nd year of uni with a good grade, my parents have moved to Bath, I had a major operation which seems to have been successful, found a lovely boyfriend and generally been having a lot of fun living in Bristol. So hopefully there'll be more more posts along those lines :)


motel denim alice mini skirt topshop high neck stripe crop blog how to wear bomber ladies jacket topshop high neck stripe crop top fashion blog  
Top | Topshop, Jacket | Topshop, Skirt | Motel
Earrings | Urban Outfitters, Belt & Scarf | Vintage

Seriously struggling with the lighting in my little uni room as you can see :( And it's so dark recently, why is the weather going crazy! Really feel for everyone affected by this ridiculous flooding. 

I bought this skirt in the Motel sale (I think it's still in!) and it's exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a high waisted skirt to go with all my crop tops but wanted something more interesting than all the black ones I currently own. 

I had such a nice Valentines day yesterday despite being singleton. Had lunch with my friend at Wagamamas, had never been before but enjoyed the food SO much. Can see why everyone raves about it! Then went to the pub for a bit after shopping, came home to get dressed up and went to Harvey Nichols for cocktails with a couple of my friends. Then went on to a really lovely Italian restaurant and had more wine and tons of food. So ended up being quite a busy but really lovely day! Thought I may as well treat myself if no one else was going to :)