You're a poet, not a rock star.

Nursing my TWO DAY hangover from Saturday night I've been watching things to do with the 70s. I started by watching Almost Famous. I've watched it before but had forgotten just how good it is, I definitely belong in that era. 

Films like The Doors which follows Jim Morrison (droooool) just totally captivate me, aswell as the amazing music. I actually just found another film about them (while looking for the previous link) which looks even better! I read the most amazing book about The Doors' manager called 'Wonderland Avenue: Tales of Glamour and Excess'  I would definitely recommend it. 

I think next on my list of films is going to be Factory Girl which is about Edie Sedgwick's life, I'm trying to download it now on my very slow internet!

This afternoon I watched a documentary about Studio 54 on youtube. I would do anything to have a night there back in it's glory days. It sounds like it would be incredible. I love the freeness of it all, the hedonistic nature of the people, the fashion, the music and the atmosphere. 

All I can do is watch the interviews, see the pictures and dream about it...

Can anyone recommend any other films and/or books?

Chloe... x

P.S. Post coming soon about my amazingly fun weekend where I shopped till I drained my bank account... whoops!

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