Leopards and Cardigans

Belt | Charity Shop Top, Shorts, Cardigan | All Topshop :( 

First of all, hello to all my new followers! Thanks to Bee. featuring me in her 'Blog Spotlight' post I've suddenly gained loads of you lovelies :)

Another thanks goes to Cowbiscuits who suggested bin liners on the wall for my friend's party. I'm going down to the venue tomorrow to try it out and see how it looks :)

Now about the outfit. I'm sorry it's all from Topshop, very boring but I only realised when I uploaded the photos. These shorts are my favourite ever, they go with everything and I can wear them Winter or Summer, evening or day. I've recently realised how much I prefer wearing shorts to skirts, they're just so easy to wear and you don't need to worry about them riding up or flashing anyone (always a good thing to avoid!).

I don't know if any of you follow me on twitter, but if you do you may have seen my angry tweet about the bingo. Basically, I went to Mecca Bingo for the first time (very exciting!) and everyone was very helpful, explaining to my friend and I how it all worked. After a few tries, I finally won a FULL HOUSE which was worth £100 for that particular game. So I nervously shouted out that I'd won (people don't actually shout 'bingo' disappointingly) but when the lady came over she'd said I'd MISSED IT. Apparently you have to shout on the actual number you win on, not any numbers after. So I lost £100 by a matter of seconds. I can't even begin to tell you how annoyed I was. If they'd have told me that I would have won! Now I understand why people take bingo so seriously haha. They read the numbers so so fast though! On the flip side, apart from that I had a brilliant time, I recommend going so so much. Ignore your prejudices!

Right, rant over. A good thing happened yesterday - I got a trial at my local pub! Hopefully I'll get the job, my friend who works there said it's pretty likely seeing as I've got the trial. It's good pay, flexible and very social - it's the main pub in my town!

So, happy times. I'm just thinking I should probably get Christmas shopping. I love buying presents for people :) Does anyone else usually leave it until a week before like me?? Maybe everyone will get pots this year seeing as I've made a billion of them in my pottery classes hehe. 

Yay! Only 30 days until Christmas!!! Are any of you going away anywhere exciting?

Chloe... x


  1. Aww, Thanks for the mention sweet! Congrats on the new followers. That cardigan looks so cosy! Totally jealous. Ooh, good luck with the job (: I've already kinda started my shopping but it's been haulted by my lack of funds haha. I'm staying at home this Christmas. I really cannot wait for it.

  2. ew, that majorly sucks, i would've gone mad and bingo dotted the woman's face!

    yes, i am you, i leave it until three days before christmas and then flap around last minute! i think it adds to the fun :)
    i've just followed you on twitter too m'dear xx

    love love <3


  3. WHAT?! £100 AT BINGO?! You've inspired me to go to bingo. Now just to convince a friend to go with me...

    Good luck for the job interview! I usually do all my christmas shopping on the days before christmas, but this year i did almost all of it last week - just got two more to get!


  4. Can't believe you lost £100 :( - that really sucks!
    However, good luck with the trial! I'm sure you'll get the job.
    I havn't even though about Christmas shopping yet :/ I should probably start seeing as it takes me ages to figure out what to buy everyone!

  5. Love your outfit, looks so cosy :)

    Sorry to hear about the bingo loss- what a farce! Can see why they take it so seriously now!

    Sally x

  6. I can't believe you missed out on the £100, that's crazy! I'm definitely tempted to go to Bingo now haha!

    Loving the outfit. I have that cardigan and it's the warmest cardigan ever!



  7. looks great. i think people have to be careful with leoprints.. but your combination rocks:)

  8. Hey, loving this outfit - especially the leopard print, it's my fave! Thanks for your commetn about my dress, it was only £18 - good times! That sucks about the bingo thing, I'd be so bummed. Good luck at your job :) x

  9. aww that would be so annoying but i've always wanted to go to bingo! cute outfit, love your shorts and cardie :) x

  10. stunning pictures



  11. Oh I love the leo top:) Looks great:)
    Wish we had a Topshop here in Switzerland;)
    I always have to wait until I'm in Denmark again to buy Topshop stuff;)


  12. Ah I love your outfit! The cardigan is lovely :) Such a shame about the Bingo! How annoying! xoxo

  13. Such a pretty look! I love it! Shame about the bingo :(

    Have a great weekend!

  14. gorgeous top, you look lovely!


  15. love the cardi - perfect for the weather right now xxx

  16. this outfit seriously works,
    you have good taste,
    your blog is so awesome, im following now :)

  17. Love the cardigan! So cosy!
    Eugh that bingo thing is so annoying! They should have told you the rules before!

  18. Amazing cardigan! wish I had a similar one.

  19. ah really love that cardigan! i like what you're wearing, following

    hope you'll visit/follow


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