Weeee like short shorts!

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Cardigan | Topshop, Top | New Look, Belt | Charity Shop, Shorts | Topshop
Necklace | Ebay

Finally! A proper outfit post! My sister took these with her new camera (Pentax X90) it's a bridge camera, so it looks like an SLR but it isn't. It has a massiiiveee zoom!

I bought these shorts the other day on my Birthday shopping spree. I hoped they would be a bit more high waisted (and not so short at the back!) but I couldn't find anything else so these will do for now while I seek out some others.

 I go through phases with my clothes, they'll be a few outfits I will wear constantly for a couple of months then it will all change and I'll wear some different ones and totally forget about the others! I think I need to try and keep wearing things for longer so that they don't disappear down the back of my wardrobe.

I decided to put some blue liquid eyeliner underneath my eye yesterday. At Christmas I was putting a gold sparkly one underneath which looked quite festive,  but now it is no longer Christmas so I tried this blue one. I thought it was a bit heavy though and by the end of the day I looked like a bit of an emo (woo bring back me at 13!). Not a look I wanted though!

My little sister's (she's 18 so not so little) going to Paris tomorrow for 6 months :( She's being an au-pair to a family with 3 children AND a Nanny. Apparently they want her to be a kind of big sister who can speak English to them. She has a view of the Eiffel Tower from her bedroom window! Going to miss her a rediculous amount :( and her clothes to borrow!

I've started doing my hair like this quite alot recently. It's good for work and doesn't make me feel like I've got no hair (I usually hate wearing my hair up). The first time I did it I scraped it back on one side (to try and make it look a bit shaved) and had loads and loads of hair at the front backcombed so it was massive. I thought it looked pretty good but have toned it down recently (almost completely it looks like in the top left picture)!

I hate this part of year now, when everyone goes back to uni. I used to love it when I was at uni but now all my friends are leaving me! Just going to have to invest in visiting them I suppose!

 Wow this was a long post, I didn't even know what I was going to write at the beginning!!
Chloe... x


  1. finally a new post- you look great!!

  2. loving your super blonde hair----would die to get mine that color!!! been trying for weeks :) thanks so much for your comment!!

    ashley <3

  3. I love your cardigan! So pretty and girly :)

  4. wow! you look stunning <3
    lovely cardigan :)

  5. I am not too crazy about shorts but I give props to the girls that know how to wear them and make them stylish! I have to add that I am in love with the leather shorts, they are smoking hot.

    Maybe we can follow each other?


  6. Ohhh I love mixing stripes and florals, too adorable x..x
    Casie Jean


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