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Top | Ebay, Cardigan | Vintage/Camden Market, Skirt | American Apparel

HA at my serious faces! In my last post I mentioned the skirt I'm wearing. I ordered it online last Monday but got an email a few hours later saying it wasn't in stock (why couldn't they have just said that before i bought it?!?) but that it would be in stock in 3-4 weeks and they would take payment for it then. If I wanted to cancel the order I would of had to ring up which I was pretty annoyed about. And I did want to cancel it because I didn't want to wait 4 weeks! Also, the nature of my bank account means I may well not have been able to afford it in 4 weeks. So I was quite surprised when I got the parcel through on Saturday morning (but also quite pleased).

I love the skirt, it's corderoy and makes me feel like I'm a little girl again going to a party! I also tried to do a top knot, don't think it looks quite right though and I didn't get it high enough in the first few photos. The cardigan is one of the two I got from Camden, I love the colour of it with the outfit but I don't think it's fitted enough to go with the skirt to be honest.

Going to Paris on Thursday and then to Reading for one of my best friend's birthdays! Probably lots of photos to come, maybe some lomography ones too.

I hate Valentines day. It always just rubs it in that I'm single! The one year that a relationship coincided with it I didn't want to go too overboard so he cooked me a meal then we went to the pub. It was nice but I don't really like to go too in for getting cards and presents etc. As much as I try to convince myself that I am happy on my own and don't need anyone, I would like a boyfriend. I'm sick of looking for someone and playing the texting and dating games guys seem to play, I just want to be 3 months into a relationship already! Ahh well, just gotta see what happens.

If you are doing something for Valentines day then I hope you enjoy it!
Chloe... x


  1. I loooove this outfit! especially the top. I forgot about lace tops if that sounds weird. Might start wearing lace a bit more! you look lovely in these photos xo

  2. I love your lace top and the cardy! Sounds like you're in for some fun times- keen to see your lomo photos! xx

  3. Lovely outfit, it's very quirky! Nice colour combinations too!
    Got nothing planned for Valentines day unfortunately. Just a takeaway and a night in, but I prefer not to have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on meals out and so on so I don't really mind!
    Sometimes it's a lot easier to be single anyway! So make the most of it, relationships cause grey hair haha x


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