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Top | Ebay, Cardigan | Vintage/Camden Market, Shorts | Topshop,
Belt | Dorothy Perkins, Scarf | Ebay, Hat | Topshop

Look! I have actually finally found a proper place to take outfit photos. I had to move the furniture around a bit but I have found somewhere with a plain wall, sufficient light and without a radiator in the way. It'll be better when it's sunny but I took these at 4pm when it was just about to get dark!

I went down to London on Saturday and took the coach which I haven't done before (it was cheaper), the train bastards have just cut off our direct line to London so it's a bit of a struggle now. Anyway, I went down for my cousin's 18th Birthday and when I got there we had a wander around Camden market with 3 of my cousins. I've never had much luck buying things at Camden before, not sure why, I think I'm just a bit stingey to be honest! I love so many of the clothes there but just don't often commit to buying. But this time one of the shops/stalls had a sale on some amazingly nice cardigans. It was 2 for £25 so I bought this one that I'm in love with that looks like it once came from Next but has a different logo on the label so must be pretty old. The other one mum and I reckon was hand knitted (I'll show it in another post).

I also spotted this corderoy skirt in American Apparel which I think I may have to buy online now after forgetting to go back and buy it :(

Work has cut one of my two shifts because it's so quiet at the moment which is pretty bad for me now. I think I may have to try and find another part time job :/

In good news though I had my first driving lesson the other day and he said I could take my test in 4 weeks! Maybe a little ambitious but at least it means it wont be long :)

Chloe... x


  1. I love that belt, its gorgeous!! Can't wait til it gets warmer <3


  2. love your cardigan, it looks so cosy! Xx

  3. That cardigan looks so cosy, it's lovely! I love Camden but I only get down to London (from Scotland!) once a year at most.

    That's amazing news about your driving lessons, you must be a natural ;) xx

  4. You look so snug in your hat and cardi. Good luck with the driving, think of all the money you'll save by taking your test in 4 weeks!!xx

  5. Such a cute winter outfit, I especially love the top. Good luck with the driving, I say go for it and try the test as soon as you can.

  6. Wow! Congrats on the driving. 4 weeks? That's bloody amazing, haha. I also love your cardi.

  7. Really love the pattern combo of the lace and cardi stripes :) and taking a driving test after 4 weeks?! Amazing! (Frankly even if it is a bit longer it's still amazing, I literally took forever to do mine!) Great blog, I'll be following from now on xx

  8. This outfit looks beautiful and comfortable! :) The best kind of outfit.

    I'm especially loving your belt and scarf :) I'm a sucker for accessories!

  9. love this look!!! i really like the whole thing, but your shirt is so cute :)


  10. Oooh this has just reminded me I really need to get my hands on a pair of light denim shorts this year!!!

    Love the outfit! x

  11. Chloe!! You've won my camera necklace giveaway!! Get in touch with me on rosieblake@hotmail.com with your address and I'll get it posted to you :)
    well done!!

  12. Gorgeous outfit :)
    I loooove the cardi.
    Lottie xx


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