Act Like You Know

My hands look mentawwwly big in this photo! Such a weird pose haha!
So yer I painted my nails with World's End by Topshop (the minty blue one) and then painted acrylic paint on top in the pattern with a little paintbrush and sealed it with a top coat. Definitely copied inspired by Kate at Gh0stparties :) I love using acrylic paint because there's unlimited colours by mixing them, you can use a paintbrush and it doesn't go gloopy on the brush!

I'm getting millions of little packages through the post this week, went on a pretty big ebay binge :/ Oh and I bought some things from ELF so I'm looking forward to that :) Lots of cheap things but as my mum says, they do all add up!

I've got to save up for Summer Break! I've been once before and it was okay. Not a proper festival but the line up looks so so good this year. Plus it'll be all my year at uni going because they'll have graduated. Fun in the sun!

Chloe... x


  1. Haha when i looked at this, i was like omg i did this the other day too! thinking we were obvz soulmates! ha thanks for the mention.
    you are super gorgeous!
    i've bought heaps too! keep getting things off blogsales but yes, it's certainly adding up! x

  2. aah, your nails look awesome!
    i love getting parcels in the post :) x


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