B is for...

There are always lots of websites I've seen during the week that I want to share. So I thought I'd do this little feature where I can list some of the things I've been loving: probably lots of graphic design, online shops and blogs :)

1 Boom Nails. I found this blog recently and instantly felt inspired to paint my nails in interesting ways! I love all the designs and colours. Go follow!

2  Monki. Monki is a clothes shop in Europe. Unfortunately they doesn't have a shop in the UK but they do deliver. I don't really feel the need to buy clothes from here as you can get similar things in the UK, but I love looking at the graphic design and photoshoots. They also have a free magazine that you can view online, but I get one delivered too because I like cutting out the pictures!

3 Photojojo. This website is good for photography tips and DIY, but even better is the online shop! I literally need want everything on there.

4 Teagan White. This girl is amazing. I love her work, it's so inventive, detailed and textured.

So I hope you enjoyed my first Bookmarked feature, if you know of any similar websites to the ones above then I'd love to see them :)

Chloe... x

P.S. my pretty chaotic ugly sweaty messy interesting photos from the Sheffield blog meet up are here if you want to see them!


  1. teagan white is ammaazzing! Found a new artist for my coursework :) also love the boom nails xx

  2. Those nails are INCREDIBLE. I'm checking out Boom Nails asap.

    chloe ** http://flowerponychloe.blogspot.com


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