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This morning I had enough time to put my hair extensions in and take an outfit photo, win! So here are my extensions from Rapunzel Rapunzel. I love this high collared top from New Look. Blatent copy for the Topshop ones but I actually prefer these because of the gold buttons. I just wish there was more variety of colours! They'd sold out of my size so I had to get a 14 but it actually fits fine.

Mum and I went shopping in Hereford today. I got a jumper from New Look and lots of bits and bobs from Boots. It was such a nice day, not too cold and quite sunny. We even managed to sit outside to have lunch without freezing! I tried on 3 dresses, a top and some shorts in Topshop but didn't like any of them enough to spend my voucher on them, so annoying I really want to spend it! Very strange that I can't find anything to buy in Topshop. There are things I like but recently I seem to be able to convince myself that I don't need them/wouldn't wear them. Maybe it's because I'm feeling quite skint. Hurrumph.

Work tomorrow then just an average week really! I might do a post on my Boots goodies tomorrow or soon, but NOT a haul. Just because I hate the word haul!

Chloe... x


  1. When I have a voucher for Topshop I can never see anything I really want but normally it's the other way round! Love the blouse, I didn't realise new look were doing a version.

  2. tooo lovely! i NEED to get that top pls. xx

  3. I love that blouse, I wanted one in that pinky colour I didn't know the New Look ones had the cute little gold buttons they're lovely. Also your belt is so nice x

  4. Your extensions look a really good quality, I wanted extensions but I don't think I'd ever be able to find any to match my hair as it's my natural colour and it's got lots of different shades of brown in :(
    Were those extensions quite expensive cause they look like they are?

  5. Oo i too hate the word Haul hahaha! you look so lovely in those photos. I love your outfit! x

  6. Love your outfit!
    I can hardly ever find anything I want in topshop and when i do its always so overpriced for what it actually is! So frustrating!

    Leanne xx

  7. love the whole outfit! especially the top :)

  8. I've been eyeing up that top for a while! It looks lovely on you xxx

  9. I looove your extensions :) You look gorgeous. I love that colour top on you too.

  10. I always do that, when I haven't got any money I see loads of stuff that I love, when I've got a voucher or some money I find zilch.


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  11. love it!cute
    nice blog

    come by and maybe follow back

  12. I LOVE the belt!


  13. Your hair looks lovely! Great outfit xx


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