De Retour du Pantalon

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I'M WEARING TROUSERS. I haven't worn trousers/jeans/jogging bottoms for about 3 years. I gave up finding some that fit well and looked good. I always found that they would fit fine in the shop but after a wash they'd become loose and I'd spend my whole day combatting an unattractive builder's bum. So I've perfectly happy wearing shorts, skirts, dresses, jeggings, leggings and tights all year round. Until I found these! I've tryed this style of trousers on before but thought they made my bum look particularly unattractive. These ones seem to look okay from behind though (or maybe I've got used to it), they're my favourite clothes colour at the moment and have an elasticated high waist for a perfect fit. So I bought another pair in an aztec pattern to reinforce my new trouser wearing self :)

Are any of you yet to be converted?

Chloe... x

P.S the skirt in the post below is now on Ebay. See HERE :)


  1. Ohhh I am the same! I never ever wear trousers. I've got in to jeans at the moment but i still don't feel that comfortable in them! like they make me look..weird! I think these really really suit you..Such a lovely colour too.Also want to say thank you for leaving me lovely feedback on e bay! I'm glad the top is good xxx

  2. So pretty! The trousers really suit you! I'm slowly being converted... :) x

  3. really love the colour of them, you look great! xoxo

  4. this is so pretty, your hair looks gorgeous too! xxx

  5. I love the colour of the trousers!! & your hair looks HAWT :) x

  6. The trousers looks lovely :) I have a couple of similar pairs from Zara x

  7. Your absolutely beautiful Chloe! The trousers are really nice and suit you alot! Love your look and you've got a cute blog! Care to follow one another? Now following you xx

  8. Very nice outfit! :)


  9. wonderful trousers, the color really suits you and underlines your feminineness! Nice!



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