Ding Dong

Dress | Topshop, Belt | Vintage,  
Earrings | Topshop

On Saturday I went to the blog meet up organised by Lauren and this is what I wore for the night out.

I wasn't sure about spending £50 on a dress that is pretty similar to others that are a lot cheaper, and I really don't know why this one was so expensive. But I had my £30 voucher to spend and really liked the dress so thought I'd treat myself a bit. I love spending vouchers on things that I normally wouldn't spend that much money on but with a voucher it makes it acceptable!

The meet up was sooo much fun and I met some really lovely people. I'd never been to Sheffield before either so that was good! I'll put my photos up somewhere that anyone who wants to can see (although they seem to be all from one spot in one club?!). I can't wait for another one!!

Hope you've all had a brill weekend, I can't believe how quickly the weeks are going by recently!

Chloe... x


  1. i love ur hair so much here.
    first time on your blog but ur so sweet - il be back

  2. Love the dress, very pretty.

    Sadie x


  3. Just found your blog!
    Love it ^^
    That dress is lush.
    If only I had 50 quid spare >.<

  4. I love the dress, particularly with the black belt!

  5. Lovely dress!! I want some vouchers so I can go buy things haha x

  6. bet whoever took these is an amazing photographer. you look absolutely gorgeous, of course! i shared a bed with this hot babe, y'all ;) xo.

  7. this dress is gorgeous, definitely a good buy! love the accessories too :) x

  8. LOVE your dress :-)

    thank you for your comment & follow, i'm following you back, such a lovely blog xx

  9. Gorgeous dress indeed, I only saw you in that amazing leopard body and shorts. Realllly wish I could've stayed for the evening, I want in on that human pyramid ha! Sometime soon in the summer hopefully ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  10. I loove this dress. your hiar is lush in this too. AND your blog header is pretty sweet too.

    Helen, X


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