My Youtube Debut

Such a cringe. Anyway, I've tried to do a video before but it didn't work at all so I've tried again. It's been something I've been meaning to try and do for a while, soooo here it is. Pretty boring and full of annoying editing because I never realised how much I say 'annnnd ummmm'. Tried to reduce the number of times I say it!

Let me know what you think? Or actually maybe don't, too much of a cringe haaaa.

Chloe... x


  1. hahaha 'sexy mother puckeeeerrrrrrr'
    love your Youtube debut!! :) x

  2. Looooove this! I've got to brave myself and do a video..I've tried so many times and i just couldn't speak i was so shy hahah! I love it when you go 'oo a pound' hahaha made me laugh! xoxo


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