Pantalon Numero 2

Top | Topshop via Ebay (Rosedl), Cardigans | H&M and Primark
Bottoms | H&M, Earrings | Topshop

It feels like the beginning of Spring today!! So so nice and sunny, I'm getting excited for Summer.

I didn't know what to call these because they're not really proper trousers so I'm going to call them bottoms. Maybe a bit strange, especially if you're American and would call them pants. But I'm not American so bottoms it is! The more I write it the weirder it sounds.

Anyyywayyy, thought I'd show you my eyeshadow today just because I made a little effort. It's the 17 vintage eyeshadow and the darker one is from the No7 palette that's on promotion free with the No7 mascara.

Has anyone else been watching/listening to Christ Moyles' longest show ever? So funny and I can't believe how much money they've raised so far! 

Chloe... x


  1. matching tops! :) love thisss. i don't suit trousers because i'm stumpy. gorgeous as ever. and yes a bit, i want to see greg james naked. x

  2. You look gorgeous :) Really like ur blog. Def. following you from now on :D Nice to see another UK blogger :D

  3. You're so pretty !
    Amazing blog, now following you !


  4. Saw these today, I love them! & yep I can't believe how much Chris has raised! xx

  5. I saw some pants, i mean "bottoms" like those at H&M and i wanted them so much but was not shopping for myself that day... might need to go back and get them because I am super jelly over yours... they were only 10 euros... so cheap!

  6. Yay glad you like the top! Looks a lot better on you then it doe son me hahha! it's gone to a good home :) I almost bought those trousers today i thought they looked SO comfy! xx

  7. Gorgeous! You look great in these tribal pants...lovely make-up too
    xo Cara

  8. Thankyou for the lovely comment. I stumbled across your blog earlier and loved it! I love your outfit, especially the trousers. I saw these in a skirt form too, very tempted to buy one.

  9. Those pants are so rad! I also love that camera necklace! Very very cool.

    chloe ** http://flowerponychloe.blogspot.com

  10. You look absolutely stunning, love this outfit! Those trousers are so edgy!xx

  11. I'm also so excited for the summer! You look beautiful in these photos! I love your pants, they look gorgeous! You have such a lovely blog! (: Xx

  12. Love your outfit <3
    The necklace is adorable xx


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