Skirt for saleeeee: American Apparel

I bought this corduroy skirt from American Apparel last month but I must have lost my head because I accidently ordered 2 :/

So I thought that before I try and sell one on ebay (because I have never sold anything on it before) I would see if anyone in the blogsphere would like to buy it? Obviously it's not the exact one in these photos so you can have it brand spanking new :)

It's SUCH a nice skirt, can be worn in winter or summer and goes with so many outfits, I can safely say this skirt is 'totally on trend'.

I wore it in an outfit post last month and recently saw Lily wearing the same one in a camel colour. You can see it on the American Apparel website here.


Colour | Truffle
Size | Small (8-10)
Waist measurement | approx 66cm

Price | £30 including postage to UK. via paypal please! (It's £34 in store/ online excluding postage!)

Send me an email chloeford@hotmail.com or tweet me @chloehford if you want to buy :)

Chloe... x

P.S. This is also sort of an outfit post because I wore the outfit on the left today :)

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