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Necklace | Won at RosieGlow :)

Can't believe how long it's been since I last posted! Been so so busy and then I got ill :( So I'm sorry about the lack of posts!

Bought this top the other day after deliberating for far too long about what colour I should get. It's actually turned out very differently on camera! I really like the slouchyness of it. Although this picture makes my shoulders look non existent :/

Been wearing these shorts with just about everything recently. They go with anything and are so comfortable (when you get used to your bum hanging out). I'm on the lookout for another pair which are maybe a bit more highwaisted and a tad longer, I don't think I could wear these ones without tights, my bum would well and truly be OUT then.

How happy was I the other day to find I'd won Rosie Glow's blog competition? Well it definitely brightened up my day! I never win anything so it was nice to find this little camera necklace pop through in the post :) It's so cute I'm wearing it all the time. Thankyou Rosie!

So, onto my adventures, first of all mum, dad and I went over to Paris to visit my sister who has just started an au-pair job. Her room is so cute and has the most amazing view, the Eiffel Tower is right THERE. It's so close I couldn't stop looking at it! So we were doing lots and lots of touristy things which was good but so so tiring. Manage to fit alot in and went to some museums and ate lots of cakes and bread :) Also my sister and I went shopping and she showed me the vintage shops she'd found. In general everything in Paris was so so expensive but she'd found some really cheap vintage shops with loads in them. I found 2 belts and a scarf and when I handed over the belts to pay for them I didn't realise I'd kind of put them together so he thought I'd only got 1. Bonus on the 2 for 1! €6 was a good deal for 2 leather belts :) I'm wearing one in the photo. 

After coming back on the Eurostar I left my parents to go to Reading for my friend's birthday. It was SO much fun and so so good to see everyone again (having left uni a year ago). I stayed there for about 3 days and had a really good shopping spree which was SO overdue. I bought some makeup which I hardly ever do so I might do a post on that soon because I am so pleased with it.

I'll do more posts again now :) I've missed blogging!

Chloe... x


  1. That top looks soo comfy! I love the camera necklace-lucky you for winning it :)
    Paris sounds lovely, we were meant to go for four days at the end of March with my uni class but the tutor decided to cancel it so i'm beyond gutted :(
    I really like you blog :)
    Rachelle xxx

  2. I so want to visit Paris.. hope you had a lovely time xx

  3. I have the same top in a different colour! It looks so lovely and comfortable :) xx

  4. Aww paris sounds great, glad you had a good time. I have the time in grey, it's so versatile.

  5. This outfit is so super cute! I'm in love with your necklace.. I can't believe you won it!

    Your blog layout is adorable :)

    KF x

  6. Lovely blog you have!
    x funkydoris.blogspot.com

  7. Welcome back!! Aww Paris <3 I love it there :)
    Everyone is so chic and laid back and the women seem so glam.
    Glad you had a good time! & I love the necklace! I never win anything either so maybe i'll have some luck soon too!

  8. hahaha thats like me over using my converses, they go with everything thoiugh - so easy to mix and match - loving the necklace by the way :) x

  9. That necklace is amazing - as a photographer I really want a necklace like that!

    I love your layout by the way, really unique!

  10. the colour of this top is lovely! i always buy such boring colours, i may have to invest in a purpley shade! i looks so nice with your hair xxx


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