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Wore this to my receptionist job today. I say receptionist but to be honest I just do odd jobs people want me to do, admin, packing boxes or even filming a new product (today I had to dress up as a surgeon - the opposite of attractive).

Very much craving a Nando's today. In 4 visits time I get a free wholeeee chicken! I think I'll have to prepare for that one by not eating for a few days haaa. The chilli jam there is amazingggg and having free refills of coke is so so good!

Kind of decided that I want to do an Art and design foundation studies course. I'll have to do it at Hereford so I can live at home (save money on accomodation!). It would be amazing if I got a place on the course but I have no portfolio as yet because my art teacher was a knob. Gotta get crackin' on that one! (the portfolio).

Has anyone else done one? What did they think of it? I'd love to hear if you have!

Chloe... x


  1. I love the contrast of the pink and blue!

  2. Love the outfit! the colours are great. Ooooh i bet that course is great! I'm going on to do a course the same as a foundation but it's got a different name or something. I am so excited! xx

  3. You look lovely, that tops lovely! I've never been to Nandos, definately going to have to try it sometime! xx

  4. looove that top. ooh look you're past 200 followers. I like to think some of that was from me ;) love your face. xo.

  5. Lol whaaa? Dress up as a surgeon? Sounds like a very interesting job...never a dull moment! :)

  6. I did a foundation course at my local college a few years ago, the college was rubbish but the course was fairly good. I enjoyed playing around with lots of different medias and learning how to use each one to its full potential, you get to pick and choose what medias you use for each project and can specilise in whichever you like best.
    I found it let me be really creative which was just what I needed and eventually I moved on to a fashion degree after learning how to use fabric to make interesting art pieces.
    Really interesting course, I'd definately recommend.
    In my portfolio to get on it all I had was a few bits from high school, few bits of photography, project ideas, garments i'd made in school (16 year old standard).

    Hope you enjoy it if you go for it :)

  7. Hahaa this post made me laugh. Crack on with that (the portfolio, not your teacher). I did Art A level and just wish I'd carried it on! jazzy ♥

  8. you are one pretty gem.
    happy to have found your blog~
    you look enchanting and sugary sweet
    following x

    amy !

  9. Well today its still shining :) wasnt sure if I wrote back on my comment if you'd see it, so put it here instead?

    I think thats what the course is good for, finding what your strengths and weaknesses are in, mine all were around fabrics/textiles/fashion based art, and photography, but art itself I was pants at, got to a point and never progressed. They get you to do a bit of art obviously like observational drawings just to get skills! It doesnt really matter to much about art at school because they almost teach you from scratch (well my college did), about proprtions, dimensions, shadowing etc. and you only do a module on it and then move on (unless you later want to come back)!

    Definately use your graphics when you make a portfolio, that would make you stand out, maybe you can go back to some of the ideas you used and try them in a different artistic form? drawing or using a sewing machine to draw it on fabric? I loved doing that, layering things up so it's tactile.

    Has your college said whether or not they have free places, do you need an interview etc?

    Good luck with it :) I think it'll do good, its a nice course to take and defiantely gets you feeling creative.
    Hope to see the update coming soon that you have a place!

    Vicki x

  10. i have this jacket too, your outfit is lovely!! :)



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