Gold Dust

Top and Shorts | Topshop, Belt | Vintage,  
Necklace | Burton via Ebay

I really need to stop buying things on ebay. It's near enough every day that I get a parcel through the door. Today it was this necklace that was originally from Burton, that I got for a pound. I really wanted one from Fashionology but knew I'd probably be able to get one for less than €15. I still want the cross earrings though! I'm gradually starting to like silver jewellery again. For a while it was all about gold and I'd never mix them. Now I'm loving silver jewellery and mixing it with gold aswell.

Popped into Topshop today and they have a sale going on with some really good stuff in! I was very, very strong and didn't cave in and buy any clothes. I did buy a really nice necklace necklace though, I love Topshop sales for the jewellery (and the clothes obvs).

My sister rang this morning from Paris (where she's being an au pair) and she said that there was filming going on below her flat. There was lots of paparazzi and someone who looked alot like Leonardo Dicaprio. Obviously it WAS Leonardo Dicaprio filming an advert. Soooo jealous haa. Love the fact she thought it might just be a lookalike being followed by paparazzi.

Chloe... x


  1. OMG i am so jealous of your sister, firstly because she is in Paris and secondly cause she was Leonardo Dicaprio! could that GET any better?! Love the outfit too xox

  2. love your shorts!!
    Your sis is soooooooo lucky to get a glimpse of leonardo dicarprio, he is seriously sexy!

  3. haha my last name is Burton ;)

    Lovely photos! Isn't it funny how more exciting shopping is if you do it online? You get the anticipation of waiting for the package and then receiving it!

    Great post! P.S. I really do love, love your banner! Quite jealous :p

  4. cuuuuutes! love your outfits you skinny little thing. omg i love him, shoulda got her to get his number x

  5. I'm a HUGE eBay addict too - even I think my addiction is ridiculous, yet still don't do anything to curb it!

    I was in Paris the other week, can't actually tell you how excited I would've been to randomly see Leonardo DiCaprio..certainly would've made my trip!


  6. what a cute outfit! love the addition of the tights :)

    Love your blog! Following you now :)


  7. great outfit!

    would you like to share your post (this one looks perfect) to my "floral" themed contest?
    i'm picking three readers :)



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