I saw 3 corners.

Top, Shorts and Ring | H&M,  
Cardigan, Necklace and Earrings | Topshop
Face | Too many late nights! gahhh 

I did it myself! I finally got round to studding these H&M shorts with some studs from ebay. Seems like everyones doing it at the moment but I love the look of it. Wish I'd bought silver ones though, don't know what made me buy gold ones!
I love the pattern on this top. It's made from elasticated material, when I first picked it up I thought it was a swimming costume! Could also be a dress but it's a bit short for daywear I reckons.
All the family are coming for Easter weekend, I can't waitttt! Going to be so much fun, especially if it's still sunny :) Except for that my nan has been telling everyone that I don't eat chocolate anymore. Completely and utterly untrue, don't know where she got that one from! Luckily mum has told everyone again that I do eat chocolate and feel free to bring as much as you want. Haa my nan is always saying the wrong thing!

Hope you all have a lovely long and sunny weekend if I don't post again before my family arrives on Friday!

Chloe... x 

P.S. To go with my triangular theme today (title, top and earrings) is THIS if you haven't seen it before. Lolzzz!


  1. lush studding on the shorts, very nicely done, I think the golds really nice

  2. HAHAHA yes I've seen that, how cringe. He was awful before but this is just beyond desperate. Sorry, have I alienated any Blunt fans around? Annnyway, looking lovely mrs, I wish I could pull off pink as well as you! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  3. lovely blog! definitely following xx

  4. im sorry but i dont know what i had said to you the wrong way when i commented on your blog before ? :S i dont mean to be rude to my followers and i am upset that i have hurt you in anyway whilst interpreting your comment differently.

  5. oh god yeah i remember now, im so sorry its just when you read things fast on the internet sometimes it cant spark of the wrong feeling as if i were to read it twice I may of not been upset. Well I do apologise and I am happy that you have the time to comment on my blog, you have a really great blog too and awesome style!! do you have a lookbook ?

  6. I adore your shorts, i was thinking of getting some studs and giving my shorts a little DIY :)



    I need to try this me thinks :)

    Aww NOOOO. You should've written it on your hand to remind yourself to come and find me lmao! Never mind! The blogger meet up didn't go ahead in the end. Think its being rearranged for the summertime :)

  8. oh wow, those shorts are to die for!!

  9. Cool outfit!! You're so pretty !!! :-)

    My blog
    xoxo Michaela

  10. so i'm pretty much dead over those shorts. LOVELOVELOVE.
    you're gorgeous!!

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    You have beautiful pictures!"

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  12. Shorts are awesome, can you make us a pair? :)

    Love the cardi. I've got the same one but in the white and it reminds me of the blanket that babies come home in from the hospital! So wish I got the pink now! xxx

  13. I love this outfit. That cardigan is the perfect color for spring. :)

  14. I like the gold of the studs.. much better than silver. Great job on the diy!

  15. WOW! :) so lovely blog. i'll be here OFTEN! :)
    what's more i want to wish you happy easter. <3
    come to me and follow if you want, BIG KISS.



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