I don't have an interesting enough outfit to show you so I was trying to take a nice photo. For some reason I couldn't stop pulling weird faces though, so I posted these instead :/

I'm wearing my new No7 lipstick in Mischief with their Lovely Pink Lip Laquer over the top. This morning I did a smoky eye type thing with my Black Barry M dazzle dust which I love. It has gold glitter bits in it too. Then I put a pinky colour from my 17 Vintage Colours palette in the corner of my eyes. None of it creased (perhaps thanks to my Elf Primer?) but it has faded loads.

The last few weeks have been so so tiring, feels like I've been rushing from one thing to the other and haven't had my essential 11am lie in for agggess. (I know it's a luxury anyway!) This is portrayed in the last photo of me dropping off. Obvs I wasn't actually asleep but I could really feel myself dropping off just closing my eyes! Tomorrow I'm looking forward to sleeping in, having a fry up and then catching up with some things I've been meaning to do (most importantly tidying my room!).

The next post will be a better one :) Hope you all have a good weekend!

Chloe... x


  1. how you so cutes?! i want to do a post like this, stolen ta love. do you like my fb photos?
    love your eye makeup, please take it off before you go to bed!! haha :) also i'm working 9-6 every day so i feel your pain. shattered! xo.


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