Dress | H&M, Belt | Vintage, Cardigan | Vintage
Earrings | Topshop

I think I've only worn this dress about 3 times since I got it last summer :/ Impulse buy because I liked the colour! For some reason my camera just wouldn't pick the light up today, so I tried to my dad's camera which was sooo much better. Managed to lose the grainyness so I'll try and use his camera more often I reckons, until I manage to buy an SLR :) (might be a while!)

Been having a huge shift around today. I'm moving into another room in the house, so lots of sorting things out, throwing things away and dust getting thrown around! Unfortunately the majority of my old clothes are vile and no one else would like them, so I can't put anything on ebay! Although my dad did ask me if anyone would buy a single sock if I put it on ebay for him haa.

Hope you've all had a lovely mother's day and didn't forget like I normally do :/ 

Chloe... x


  1. I love your cardigan and belt, they add so much to this outfit! Totally hear ya with the camera situation, I'm saving as fast as I can for an SLR, the photos on my blog really get me down! xx

  2. LOVE this outfit! Agree with you on the camera situation too, i NEED an SLR so bad, i hate majority of my photos due to the quality! :( xx

  3. love the outfit, especially the cardigan! :) x

  4. Love the colour of the dress! really pretty xx

  5. Loving the cardi.

    Hating the SLR situ, im in the same boat.


  6. Love how the sweater looks with the dress... Lovely!


  7. Heyyy :) thanks so much for such a lovely comment on my blog post. I replied on there but didn't know if you'd see it so thought I'd quickly write back here and say hi as well! I felt like I recognized you from somewhere and finally worked out that I'm sure you were at the Sheffield blog meet up? I didn't go but I read some of the blogs of the girls who did and remember you from the photos. Ha that sounds proper creepy I knowww xx


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