Soap and Glory

 I've never done a beauty product review before so I hope it's okay! I wanted to do it because I'm loving these Soap and Glory products at the moment and they happen to be on offer at Boots, nothing you haven't seen before though :)

I fell in love with the packaging of Soap and Glory; I love the theme and look of it, what they say on the box is very convincing and all the plays on words are pretty clever, definitely hooked!

The Righteous Butter. This is a body moisturiser with aloe vera and shea butter. I bought this today after being excited that it was only £2. It's one of the travel sized ones which I like because you can try out the product without forking out too much for the full sized one. It smells really good, I don't know how to describe it but it's nice without being too perfumed. It's definitely kept my skin soft and smooth for a few hours now. I find most body moisturisers are pretty similar so I tend to buy them for the smell (I often buy Palmer's Cocoa body butter). Because this smells nice but unintrusive it'd be good to put on when I want to wear a strong perfume so the scents don't clash.

Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss in Candy Gloss. This is a lip gloss that claims to plump your lips using 'plumping microspheres'. It definitely makes your lips tingle alot, I've kind of got addicted to the feel of it. I'm just sad that you can't feel the tingles as much over lipstick! It smells and tastes good but I do find that it's really sticky. My hair gets stuck to my lips alot which is SO annoying. Definitely like it though and would buy it again, maybe I'd try a different colour next time.

Hocus Focus Flaw Softening Lotion. This productis so versatile, you can use it as a highlighter, mixed with foundation or mixed with moisturiser to brighten and 'reduce flaws'. When I put it onto my bare face it feels so so smooth. It really makes it feel like velvet and brightens up my skin. If I put it on before my foundation (as a primer) it gives a good smooth base but the light reflecting effects of the cream are lost. So I often apply it all over my face after applying my foundation. I think this makes my foundation look alot less cakey and more natural. My foundation is ever so slightly darker than my natural skin tone so it lightens it up a bit which I love. I like to have a dewy effect to my skin because my skin is quite dry, if you like a matt effect you may find this too dewy. Otherwise I can't recommend this product enough, I love it!

Anyone else got any other Soap and Glory products to recommend?

I haven't posted over the weekend because I was in Bristol, I'm still recovering from a good night out so I would have looked vile in an outfit post! I've got a couple of DIYs to share and a new skirt so stay tuned :)

Chloe... x


  1. Oh i love Soap & Glory, my favourites have to be 'The Breakfast Scrub' and 'The Righteous Butter' SO amazing! Definately recommend you try the breakfast scrub! xx

  2. oh wow I really want to try Hocus Focus now!! I love S&G my bathroom is covered in it! xx

  3. you have to try the breakfast scrub it's amazing

  4. I love all of soap and glorys products.. i think its mainly the packaging i think that draws it to me so much but the hand food hand cream i would recommend! xx

  5. loove S&G! very good review my love, i'm proud! really want to try hocus focus, i think i will now you have given it such a good review. xo.

  6. its about time i buy some soap and glory things, i really want to try the breakfast scrub and hand food! XXX

  7. I bought my first ever load of Soap and Glory products from Boots this week! They've not arrived yet but I'm so excited to try them all.

    The Hocus Focus Lotion sounds amazing :D Thank you for the reviews!

  8. The SMP in 'nude' is a really lovely shade, but completely agree with you about the hair! I wore it to the gym once for some unknown reason and it was a biggg mistake!


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