Try It On

1. Cardigan, Shorts, Scarf, Bag | Topshop, Top | New Look, Belt | Dorothy Perkins, Boots | Jones'
2. New Look. 3. River Island. 4. H&M. 5. Topshop

 The photo on the left is from Paris, I'm standing in front of a Monet painting and thought I'd include it because it's a full body + bag photo!

About a year ago I found myself in a massive 'style rut' I suppose I could call it. Basically I was buying the same kind of clothes, in the same colours and in the same styles. It was getting really boring (and I got sick of my sister telling me to stop wearing black!) but I didn't know what to buy and found myself going for 'safe' clothes that I knew would look okayish on me. 

So in an effort to change, I went shopping and tried on anything and everything. This meant ignoring myself thinking "this wouldn't look good on me" or "this colour really won't suit me". I ended up being pleasantly surprised by what did actually look okay and came away with a whole different set of clothes.

Now when I shop I find myself taking pictures of the clothes I've tried on so I can remember what they looked like and so I don't end up trying them on again the next week because I've forgotten (actually happens quite alot! haa).

Just thought I'd share them. More interesting than me copying and pasting the things I like from t'internet I think!

Chloe... x


  1. love this, you are one gorgeous girl! such a good idea too, very original! xo.

  2. I think thats a really good idea to take pictures of the things you try on, I may have to start doing that! I Looove your outfit in the first one! especially the cardigan xo

  3. All such gorgeous outfits! Such a good idea! Your so beautiful! xx

  4. i'm in such a style rut atm, i think i'll try you advice and start taking pictures of things i try on. genius idea! x

  5. You look so good in blazers. I've been thinking about my style a lot lately too. I want it to be less safe so I'm gunna try on lots of new styles when I have the time/patience/money!

  6. I do this as well! Sometimes the random thing I've grabbed to see what its like ends up being the only thing I buy. I always take photos to see what an outfit is like as well, usually uploading to Twitter to get everyone elses opinions as well - its like taking all your friends into the changing rooms at the same time :)

  7. love the try it on idea. And also love your cardigan in the first pic - plus your camera's pretty cute


  8. I looove your photos here...and such a good idea! I'm really bad at forgetting what I wear also...so many choices! I especially love the pink-ish blazer over the black and white dress!

    chloe ** http://flowerponychloe.blogspot

  9. I love the blazer from Riverisland! Might just have to go and try it on :) xx

  10. I like this post much better than a wish list also! It's definitely hard for me to get out of my norm of what I buy. I always tend to buy things in black, like shoes and never consider brown or other colors.

    Great photos, great post!

  11. lovely lovely outfits, all of them.

    Helen, X

  12. What a great idea! I really like the blazer (I think from River Island?) I wanted to buy it but never did because I didn't have enough money! I think it was about £50...x

    Just a Thought


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