There Goes The Fear Again

Dress & Necklace | Topshop,  
Ring | H&M

Sorry about the weird lighting today, it's all shadowy and yucky. The sun was shining through a different window that didn't agree with me!

Off to Bristol today to see some friends for a night out yaaay. Can only stay for one night though because I have work on Tuesday booo.

I saw this dress ages ago but ummed and ahhd over whether to actually get it for ages! It isn't the most flattering and a bit steep at £36 for what it is. But I couldn't stop thinking about it so next time I saw it I got it :) Glad I did now because I've been wearing it loads!

My cat Howard got in on the act today (we didn't name him). He was purring around my feet so thought I'd pick him up for a photo haa. That's me with that silly voice I do when I'm talking to cat's and babies. I love hearing other peoples haa!

Hope you're all having a sunny bank holiday!

Chloe... x


  1. Oooh I really like the dress, the colour looks great on you! Howard is awesome haha xx

  2. Howard seems lovely, haha! Love that dress on you as well, well worth the £36!!

    Shope, London's Closet xoxo

  3. Love the colour of this dress very pretty x

  4. I really want that dress, the color is soo pretty.. suits you well :)



  5. Aww Chloe, Howard is such a cutie!x

  6. I really want that dress the color is just perfect!
    I love your kitty too :)

  7. Kitty is soooooooo cute! Come and say hello to our persian cat over on our blog. There's lots of posts dedicated to him. His name his oscar and in spite of his mega grumpy face, he loves to dress up! xxxx

  8. Your cat Howard and my cat Coco should be friends. They're practically twins haha!!
    Have fun in Bristol! xxx

  9. Loving the lace trim on your dress. Your cat is so cute, mine would eat my hand if I tried to hold him like that x

  10. I do that voice with my dogs too haha
    I like your dress, such a pretty colour :)

  11. Gooorgeous dress:) lovely pic with your cat,
    such an inspiring bog:)


  12. Pretty tunic - great colour and hem!

  13. That dress is so pretty, definitely the sort of thing I'd get x

    Just a Thought


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