B is for...

1. Quoteskine. Lee Crutchford is a graphic designer. I love his work because it's so simple but effective and clever. A lot of it is also quite funny too. 

2. The Selby. This website is a collection of pictures of people and their homes. I love the interior design aspect but also just being nosey! The pictures are beautiful and so are many of the homes featured. I like the fact that the pictures show homes that look properly 'lived in' and not toooo tidy and simplistic. My favourite picture is the one of all the books on the shelves, it's messy and neat at the same time!

3. Ulrike is Norwegian hence the translator! (Some of it doesn't make sense). This girl is stunning and so are the clothes she wears. I love reading her blog because it gives an insight into a life that seems enviable!

4.  His website is actually under construction at the moment but if you click 'dribble'  you can see some of his work! I really love the colour used in his work and how some of the pieces are simplistic but others are busy and crowded. I also like his use of Typography which is often very inventive.


  1. your posts are really interesting to read as I always feel like I've learnt something or seen something I wouldn't have found myself!xx

  2. your blog is so sweet! xx


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