Forget me not

So I can safely say I've been a baaaaad blogger of late. I don't even want to look at how many weeks it's been. There's no reason for it, just seem to have been busy and tired recently and the last thing I've felt like doing is taking photos of myself! Time is going ridiculously quickly at the moment and I've kept meaning to post but just somehow not got round to it. I miss blogging though and want to get into a routine again.

So yes everything in this outfit (except for the belt) is from Topshop. Boringggg, I hate doing that, especially when you walk into the shop wearing all their clothes!

I've had my eye on the blue version of this dress for ages but never got round to buying it. Then when the 20% student discount came in for a week I saw the red version and thought I'd snap it up. I prefer the blue one though but they only had a petite red one left :/ It doesn't quite fit me right and a bit concerned that it makes me look about 14 but ah well!

Bought these cute little bracelets from Topshop aswell, I like bracelets I can just wear all the time without getting in the way.

I'm going to try and post again soon, attempt to keep up with things! Also must post my new piercing which is very sore at the moment :(

Chloe... x


  1. ooh I really like the bracelets, sort of beacky/festivally/summery/everything-ey.


  2. Love this outfit... i want your jacket! x

  3. Those bracelets are cute, I started selling friendship braceletes with charms in the middle, but was wondering what they'd look like with little one's hanging off like that.
    The outfit is super cute.

  4. I love your top with the turquoise earrings!

  5. I love those bracelets, they're so sweet x

  6. You look lovely, the dress looks great on you! xx

  7. i have missed your blog, glad you are back! that dress is fab!

  8. this is so cute, that belt is lovely too xxx

  9. It looks lovely on you- I was eyeing up the blue version but they only had a 14 left! Love the collection of bracelets :) xx

  10. Ha, i also dress head to toe in topshop a lot (it happens all the time, 99% of my clothes are from there) and i get so embarassed when i pop in to their shop like it has thrown up on me.

    You look fab here - i have the same dress but in the navy stripes. xxx

  11. Those bracelets are lovely :)
    As is the dress, it really suits you, don't worry, you don't look 14 :)
    Sirens and Bells xx

  12. you're beautiful and I love your bracelets! and you don't look like a fourteen year old, I should know- I am one!


    p.s just came across your blog, it's great!

  13. I absolutely love this outfit! Just found your blog and I already love it!



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