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I was exchanging something in Topshop for some sandals (I lost the receipt) and had some money left over so I hurridly looked around and picked out this top to make up the difference. I'd had my eye on it for a while but didn't think it was worth buying. I'm so glad I did though because now I love it. I've been trying to buy a few more tshirts and vest tops recently because I don't really have any and they're so useful to just chuck on with a skirt/shorts. As per usual I've gone a bit overboard and bought loads of them so I'll probably be wearing a skirt + tshirt combo for a while now!

Why has the sun gone away again? :(

Some friends and I went to Barmouth beach on Sunday when it was absolutely boiling. I didn't plan on going in the sea so I wore a bikini top and shorts but by the end I was up to my neck in water and soaking wet! Spent the whole journey back very damp but it was worth it! Also made me realise that I really need to find a new bikini, I just hate buying them because I'm so fussy!

Hope you've all had fun in the sun :)

Chloe... x


  1. I love this outfit! I did the same thing, bought loads of tops to go with my skirts, and ended up with far too many!
    Sirens and Bells xx

  2. Cute tshirt :) Ahh yeah the sudden heatwave has been a nice change! and then all the thundering after (:

  3. i love this outfit! i think everyone has too many tops and not enough bottoms :P i don't know what's happened to the weather :S you look great though :) ronan x


  4. Love this outfit! :) I would deffo wear the T shirt with a pair of denim shorts, you can't beat a good T-shirt! ^_^

  5. Love the top... I need it! :)



  6. Loooove this top - cheetah heart, seriously perfect! Love cool tees like that.

    Agreed - I hate buying bikinis too! There never seems to be the perfect suit out there...

    chloe **http://flowerponychloe.blogspot.com

  7. Need that top in my life!!! :) you look lovely xx


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