Triangles and Crosses

 Top | Urban Outfitters,  Skirt | Topshop,  
Earrings | Topman and Accessorize

I FINALLY bought this top after lusting after it for far too long. I just think that £28 is too much for a tshirt! It won me over though and with student discount it was only £25 which helped! I will get a lot of wear out of it though, I've also worn it tucked into shorts/skirts, over shorts/skirts and with leggings.

Got my tragus pierced last week ouuuuuch. Definitely wasn't expecting it to hurt as much as it did! It was about the same pain as when I got my nose pierced except then it just carried on hurting and I had to take some painkillers. I had earache for about a week and have only just managed to sleep on that side and put an earphone in (not at the same time obvs). So quite an annoying piercing but I like the way it looks!

Had a bit of a binge on Topman jewelry the other day. Some of the stuff is so nice and more simple than the Topshop jewelry. All the stuff I bought was on sale too, these triangle earrings were only a pound! Schwinggg!

Off to Bristol again tomorrow, and having an injection in my swollen knee :( eeek!

Chloe... x

Btw, my hair isn't actually orange, I don't know why it's come out like that!


  1. The tee is HOT!



  2. i thought you had dyed your hair orange :L would look nice on you though x

  3. really like the tshirt - very edgy. The little anchor earring is cute. x

  4. Love the t-shirt! The earrings look really cute too :)

    Hope everything goes okay with your knee xx

  5. I like that t shirt :) And the earrings! I have the anchor ones too :)
    I wanted to get my tragus pierced, but I'm really bad with pain! It suits you
    Sirens and Bells xx

  6. I love tragus piercings! I also love the triangle earrings your wearing!

  7. I want a new piercing to replace my lip but my friend has this done and she said it was quite painfull too : / sort of puts me off, infact it puts me off a lot!


  8. Great post and great outfit. Love the t-shirt, and triangle earrings.

  9. I love your cross tshirt, and those earrings are so cute and original:)

  10. Jacob thinks you should shave the side your head... what d'ya reck?? xxx


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