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I did a post like this before but with a lot less pictures. I've just been taking pictures of everything I try on so I remember what they looked like (I have a habit of remembering something looked alot better than it did!) I also think it's a more interesting version of a wishlist! Most of these reasons I didn't buy are excuses I tried to make for myself to save money! If I had lots of money I'd just buy all of it.

1. was nice but I didn't think it was worth buying a navy sleeveless shirt because you can't really see the detailing. And I didn't buy the shorts because they're bright blue, similar to denim and I already have denim shorts.

2. I thought the shorts were a bit cheap looking and I didn't really like the fit of them.

3. is me trying on a maxi dress for the first time. It really didn't feel right, I don't know why but I didn't feel it suited me at all. I think they look really nice on so many people but obviously I am not one of them!

4. I LOVE this top. Really loving American flag patterns/colours at the moment but I just wouldnt feel right wearing an American flag! I would have no reason for it. Tbf if I lived in a big city I probably would of bought it but round here everyone would just ask me why I was wearing an American flag when I was English. Having said all that if I see this again in my size I may well buy it!

5. I think this dress is lovely. But on me it looks awful. Doesn't sit right, isn't flattering and the colours are dull on me. What a shame :(

6. If I had spare money I would buy this because I really like the shape of it. Not 100% sure on the pattern but the colours are nice.

7. I did actually buy this top, it has nice back to it which is sort of not there at all. I took it back the other day though because I didn't think a plain, thin top which was worth £22.50. I bought it while desperately looking for some clothes to wear on nights out! (I found something better in the end)

8. These shorts look lovely on the hanger but TOTALLY wrong on me! Just in every way.

9. I like this dress. I think it looks really nice on so many people but I just didn't feel very 'me' in it. There wasn't enough going on and I like my outfits with lots of pattern and/or colour!

Well this ended up being a loooong post, hope I didn't bore you!

Chloe... x

P.S. Here is a picture of my friend Kathy who accidently picked up a size 16 instead of 10 = dress turns into a nighty/ghost attire


  1. i do this too! i know if i look book at one particular thing ive tried on heaps and still love it i should buy it

  2. Personally I think the maxi dress looks lovely on you!
    The dress in picture 6 is gorgeous too. I may have to pick one of those up for myself haha!

    Laura Elizabeth xo

  3. Lol I loved this and I liked #9 on you especially and haha@the american flag thing you said :)

  4. You should deffo buy a maxi dress!! it looks lovely on you! I think I'm gonna start taking pics when I try something on :)



  5. That's a good idea to take photos whilst you're trying stuff on. I always imagine stuff to have looked better in changing rooms too!
    I love that american flag crop top! I actually think the maxi dress really suits you (:

  6. These are all pretty cute, such a great idea to showcase a bunch of different outfits!!
    My favourite has to be number 7, that green vest is so simple but totally gorgeous and you look great. :)

  7. I really like the American flag one! They are all lovely outfits though. Great choices! x

  8. The shape of number six is PERFECT. I bought it today and it is really flattering, although I bought it in another pattern! I agree this pattern isn't great because it's so busy but I think it looks lovely on you!


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