I'll be back soon!

I've been missing blogging SO much, I've definitely failed recently on the blogging front! First of all after I came back from my holiday I was so so busy and just didn't have enough time, I was also feeling pretty lousy and didn't feel like it atall. A couple of weeks ago I got my blogging mojo back but goshhhh it's difficult to blog in the winter! There seems to be no daylight whenever I'm at home! Very disappointing, don't know what I'm going to do. Unless there is bright sunshine coming in through the window my camera just doesn't want to cooperate. I'm hopefully getting a DSLR for Christmas (got my eye on a Canon 1100D) so maybe that will help the situation. Until then I'm going to work on waking up early enough to do them in the morning (I'm always in a MASSIVE rush to get out of the house!).

So please don't give up on me yet, I'll be back very soon!


  1. Hurry back :)

    P.s. you look v pretty in your pic xxx

  2. Look forward to having you back full time!


  3. I'm SO glad your back! I LOVE reading your posts!


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