Last Couple of Weeks In Pictures

1 | Tangled threads at work, 2 | Wrapping paper, 3 | One of my best friends came to stay before going away for 5 months
4 | Mini baubles from Paperchase, 5 | Wrapping presents, 6 | Finally put the Christmas tree up
7 | Fairy lights, 8 | Playing monopoly now my sister is home from uni, 9 | Christmas jigsaw
10 | Visiting one of my best friends Katharine in Reading, 11 | Going out to see Nero and finding £20 on the floor, 12 | Eating cold pizza the next day

Since getting an iPhone I can't stop taking pictures of everything! Getting a bit addicted to Instagram and Hipstamatic hehe. If you're on Instagram then add me! My username is: chloehford

Thought I'd share some of my photos from the past couple of weeks. My new DSLR camera (Canon 1100d) is wrapped up under the tree for me, so excitinggg! I'm hoping to do some more posts once everything has calmed down after Christmas and get to grips with finding a lighting solution for outfit posts. I'm missing blogging!

Hope you're all enjoying the lead up to Christmas, I am feeling so festive at the moment!!


  1. Hi Chloe I am a new follower and have been loving having a good old read of your blog!! Love the video posts too you seem so confident in them, I've tried to do them but I feel really self conscious all the time! Love your style too you have that cool rock chic vibe going on. Look forward to seeing more! Much love Amie xxx


  2. I wish my holidays were this festive! The most I've got is a couple cups of gingerbread lattes and absurdly packed malls for Christmas shopping. I'll live vicariously through you..:p


  3. Aww your pictures look great! I’ve just got a new iPhone and it’s the most addictive thing ever! Good luck with everything in 2012 :)
    Charlotte xx


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