Dress & Cardigan | Topshop, Belt | Vintage

I had another tired day today!! All I did was go into town, I had a mooch around the shops and then made an appointment at Specsavers for next week. I've been wearing glasses for a couple of years but wear them as little as possible because I hate the look of my ones at the moment! I think I've found a pair I like but I'm still a bit undecided! I posted a photo of them on Twitter earlier, I like the fact they cover up my face for when I'm tired/hungover!

I had such a palaver over this dress last summer, I originally bought the red striped one, but decided I didn't like it that much so I swapped it for the blue one but the only one left was petite. Ended up taking that one back because it was so short, and then finally saw the regular sized one in the sale - yay!

Also, if anyone wants someone lovely to follow, please go and see my friend Katharine's blog :)


  1. Beautiful outfit! I'm loving your blog too! :)

  2. Love that dress, it was definitely worth all the hassle in the end! xx

  3. Really wish I'd bought this dress when it was in Topshop, it's so lovelyyy. You look gorgeous in it :) x

  4. ah, i regret not buying that dress! you look great in it :) x

  5. I love that dress, why didn't I get it when I had the chance? It's great how it finally worked out for you with that dress though - you got the one you wanted in the size you wanted, and cheaper! xo



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