Instagram #2

1 | Got a new typography book to read, 2 | Using my new DSLR, 3 | Drawing patterns
4 | Trying to tidy my messy room! 5 | Drawing patterns again, 6 | On the road again,
7 | The Severn Bridge, 8 | Sunny Torquay, 9 | Hungover smile at breakfast in Camden Town
10 | Getting my free chicken in Nandos, 11 | In Tooting Bec with my cousins, 12 | Matte black nails
13 | Deciding what to wear, 14 | Stripy nails, 15 | Chopping veg

Just a little run down of the things I've been up to. Unfortunately it isn't very exciting!


  1. That fonts book looks very intrequing (thats probably not how you spell that word?!) I think im going to have to do some book cruising on amazon, I need some type inspiration,

    Great nails

    Rianna xxx

  2. Love the matte black nails, what polish is it?? xx

    1. Thankyou! It's just a normal black polish, can't remember what make, with a Rimmel matte topcoat over the top! x

  3. Nails are looking gorgeous and wahey for the free chicken! xxx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  4. Both of those patterns are really cool!! Ahh I bet we have been at the same Motion nights!! It's such a small world... I'm there most weekends aha can't resist a good line-up I'm moving back to Bristol in the summer I'm excited :) x


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