Leather Jacket | Topshop, Dress | Topshop via ebay,  
Earrings | Vintage

I bought this dress last year after seeing it on another blogger (I can't remember who!) and thinking how lovely it looked! It wasn't in the shops any more so I found it on ebay. Unfortunately when I put it on it disappointed me a bit, I think it's a bit big for me but I still wear it occasionally! 
I'm currently scoffing mini eggs, I wish they were available all year round; last year I bought about 20 packets before they went out of the shops which lasted me a little while!


  1. Cute dress! I love leopard print and leather! possibly my fave combination! xx


  2. Oh I have this dress, its one of my favourites.
    Is it possible to take it in?

  3. this is such a nice dress & goes so well with your lovely leather jacket too. i've started buying loads of nice topshop things on ebay, so many bargains! xx

  4. Stunning! Love the dress, and the way you've paired it with the leather jacket is gorgeous.
    Yummy, mini eggs! Haha i love them :) xx

  5. I love mini eggs :) your dress is gorgeous you can't tell it's too big when you've got a jacket on with it at all x

  6. Usually I do not ever do strapless dresses, but I made an exception borrowing my friends version of this dress :) Nothing can beat a leopard dress with a leather jacket, perfect for anywhere
    It would be mine

  7. Hi! You're adorable and I love this dress on you :) Have a great night.

  8. love the dress!
    the jacket looks really good too
    great blog , now following
    mantenso xx

  9. I love your outfit, the dress and jacket are amazing:) xx

  10. Love the whole outfit, it's quite grungy and you pull it off really well :D

  11. Love the outfit. Very rock chic :)
    Hope you're good! x

  12. Love that leopard print, especially with the jacket. I adore mini eggs too, especially the crispie cakes with mini eggs on top yum xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  13. I don't think it looks too big :) My friend has it and hers oh so tight so I think it looks slightly better bigger like this. x

    sweet monday


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