Collection 2000 Cream Puff

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Collection 2000 Cream Puff in Fairy Cake

I'm really fussy with lip products, I don't like anything too scented or sticky (I hate the majority of lip glosses) and I have really dry lips so I'm always trying to moisturise them. I have about 5 lipsticks which I really love but I'm often trying out new ones.

My friend Katharine recommended this Collection 2000 lip cream to me recently and I decided to try it seeing as it was only £2.99. When I first put it on I was surprised by how moisturising it is, it's really creamy but sinks into your lips pretty quickly and then looks nice and matte. The colour then stays for ages and doesn't rub off if you have a drink or touch your lips. The scent is vanillery which is nice and not too overpowering (as I find a lot of lip products are).

This is the first matte lip product I've tried which doesn't dry my lips out and I love the colour. I'm looking forward to buying the pinker one 'Cotton Candy' very soon. I will definitely be re-purchasing this when it runs out!


  1. Ooh, thanks for this! I'm always on the hunt for something like this too.

    Rosie x

  2. It look lovely on you, the names make me squeal, they are so cute! I might have to buy one!

    Lots of Love,

    Lily from Red Brick Lipstick

  3. cute :)


  4. You are gorgeous. Might try this out :) x

  5. I have this shade, it's lovely. I love the smell!

  6. Ooooo this looks pretty good! I've got quite dry lips too and I always kind of prefer lipglosses to lipsticks because I view them as easier. Might give it a try :)

  7. That looks lovely on you! I've been after one in a similar shade so I might just need to try this one out! x

  8. I hate lip glosses, I always find them really sticky, I don't get how people wear them at all. This is really interesting, I might have to try it out! x

  9. I agree about lip glosses!! I love these so much, I always opt for them if im going to wear a colour xxx


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