Everybody's Bruising

what to wear with leopard body specsavers karen millen geek glasses Top | Topshop, Skirt | H&M, Belt | Vintage,  
Glasses | Karen Millen at Specsavers

This was actually what I wore yesterday but I didn't have time to post it! Last year I wore this top SO much and tried to stop myself from wearing it too often because I thought I should vary my outfits a bit! So until yesterday I hadn't worn it in ages, I kind of forgot how much I liked it.

Today I worked for 12 hours, it was horrendous. I did it on Tuesday too because there was overtime going and I could do with the extra money really, but oh my gosh am I tired now! I had a nice day yesterday though, went to the shops for a bit and then had a Pizza Express, yummm. Looking forward to payday tomorrow when I will no doubt do a lot of internet shopping..... I wish I could save my money, I'm hopeless!


  1. Love your outfit! I can see why you loved that top so much! It looks really versatile :)

    Ellen xx

  2. Really lovely outfit, the top is great! x

  3. really like this skirt and belt. Looks cute with the leopard print. Really like it. I dont wear enough skirts really xx


  4. Love this! I'm hopeless at saving too, it's a curse that I hope I'm going to grow out of! x

  5. I'm tryinf to save too but it's so hard, specially with online shopping it's too tempting! Love the top xx

  6. amazing outfit.
    LOVING that skirt!
    i'm so crappy at saving money too so i've basically done a shopping ban on myself. it hurts. bad :( xxxx

  7. I'm a sucker for anything leopard print, that top is gorgeous! Luckily I'm not a big internet shopper as I'm very fussy about how things fit and always like to try things on first (unless they're a couple of quid on Ebay!), but not-so-luckily I live and work five minutes walk from my local high street! So lots of money is still spent! x

  8. You look gorgeous, such a cute outfit xx

  9. This is a gorgeous outfit! I can't believe you get paidd so unfairr I have to wait until Tuesday aha and I am oh so very skint :( feel for you on the 12 hour shift!! Pizza Express definitely makes everything better though!!xx

  10. Such a gorgeous outfit! You look lovely. x

  11. Hi, do you have a number or code on these karen millen glasses? They normally are like KM12, KM20 etc... I've looked on the specsavers website but cant tell which they are on there, thanks xx

    1. Hi, unfortunately the code has rubbed off - I thought it might be 18 but googling it didn't look right at all! The number on it is 25283631 and I googled that number with Karen Millen and it did come up with pictures of the glasses so I hope that helps a bit! X


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