Somebody That I Used To Know

Top | Motel, Skirt | Asos, Belt | Vintage,
Ring | H&M

I love this top so much! As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. Not so keen on this print as leggings or the skirt, but on this top it's perfect. The only trouble is that it's a bit impractical; it's a body but there aren't any poppers so you have to get into it like a swimming costume (not great if you need the loo) and it keeps falling down so I think I'm going to have to sort that somehow. I'll forgive it because I love it though :) I think next time I'll wear it with my leather shorts.

At the moment I'm in the car on my way home from Edinburgh. My sister's at Uni there and she was in a show this weekend so my parents, my Nan and I went to visit. Unfortunately yesterday my Nan fell down some stairs and broke both of her wrists. So most of yesterday was spent in A&E with her, so I didn't get to see much of Edinburgh at all!

Last night I went to a house party with my sister which was so good, I had so much fun but we didn't get to bed until 7am so today has been a struggle! At least all I'm doing is sitting in a car for 7hrs!


  1. I absolutely LOVE your top!! The print is awesome :) Hope your Nan is Ok and her wrists heal up quickly :)

    The Deer Head


  2. ive had somebody that i used to know stuck in my head for days! WEIRD. i think youre right about the print though, looks awesome as a top. think it'd look cute with the leather shorts too! eeee i love it x

  3. LOVE your top! :) It's such a pretty print!

    Hope your Nan's wrists recover soon and that she's okay xx

  4. Oh its gorgeous! Strange that they designed it like a swimsuit. Also hope your nans okay! x

  5. I love the body, the print is amazing! A bit of shame they've designed it like a swimsuit though, it does put me off slighty. Best wishes to your Nan! X

  6. that top's gorgeous :) I know what you mean about the no poppers thing though, such a mare- i mean would it really have been that hard to just stick a few on? You end up having to get completely naked in the loo haha. I hope your nan recovers quickly :( poor thing xx

  7. I have a leotard from American Apparel with no poppers - terribly inconvenient! I really love this outfit :) x

  8. Love the top! I saw it on Motel and thought hmmmm I LIKE but I've been a bit too kind to myself with new clothes recently so can't spend anymore money haha.

    Sorry to hear about your nan, that's terrible! This weather is a right pain in the ass. But at least you enjoyed the house party - mind you I don't envy your 7 hour journey home! x

  9. The toilet-issue is such an annoyance with tops like these, but I can see why you got it - looks amazing!

    Rosie x

  10. That top's beautiful, the colour really suits you. Such awful news about your nan, hope she's better soon! xx

  11. Oh my goodness, I hope your Nan recovers soon! Sounds like you had a good night out with your sister :) Major hair envy, it looks perfect with this outift.
    R xx


  12. Beautiful top, i know what you mean about the print on the leggings, iv yet to see anyone that its flattering on! xx


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