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I went to Amsterdam last weekend with Sheffield Uni's Biology society. This was because my friend is president of the society and invited me and my friend Sarah along too! I've been to Amsterdam before but with my parents, so I saw a completely different side to the city this time around.

We arrived there on Friday midday after travelling overnight on the coach, ready for a day of sightseeing although incredibly tired as you can imagine! The hostel we were staying in was right on the edge of the red light district so we had a wander around there to begin with, I found seeing all the prostitutes in their little booths pretty shocking- it's horrible that women should have to turn to that to make money. We then had a look around a vintage market which was nice, had a sit down in a coffee shop and ended up in a Sex Museum which was all very odd. Once we'd had a nap and some dinner, we were ready to go out on a bar crawl organised by the travel rep which was a lot of fun.

The next day my friend Sarah and I decided that we wanted to see the nicer side of Amsterdam and so we took a tour bus around the city, stopping at a diamond museum and Anne Frank's house. Being tired and hungover isn't a good idea in Anne Frank's house, we were fighting back tears the whole time! I read her diary when I was younger and visiting where she hid in the last years of her life really made it so much more real. After that we met up with everyone else and had some dinner and went out on another bar crawl. As it was St Patrick's day pretty much everywhere was packed with Irish people - it was easy to forget we were in Amsterdam!

Sorry I've realised I've rambled a lot! I had so much fun, although I am so tired and very skint now! I'll be back with an outfit post very soon :)


  1. I've been swooning over your insta ever since you went to Amsterdam! Sounds like so much fun & it's good that you got to see all the historical bits too! xx

  2. I was debating whether to book Amsterdam this summer... I can't really afford it but THIS LOOKS AMAZING! Ahhhh
    It would be mine

  3. Wow, sounds like you had so much fun! I would love to go to Amsterdam one day! :)) Great photos!
    xo Smitty

  4. I replied to your comment about White Heat but obviously bloggers comment system is awful! I’m so jealous of Amsterdam, I’m going in May. Where do you recommend? I’m especially excited about the vintage markets and art galleries.

    "I know same! It’s great, have you seen Brighton Rock or Quadrophenia? I haven’t but I’m gonna sit down and watch it later as I have a day off college :) “

    That’s what I replied haha ^

    Charlotte x


  5. Looks like you're having so much fun!! Very jealous xx


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