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14//04//2012 denim shorts leopard topshop jumper denim shorts leopard topshop jumper denim shorts leopard topshop jumper  
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Can't believe how long it's been since I last posted! It wasn't intentional at all but I had quite a busy Easter with family visiting and then this past week I've felt really rubbish and putting a camera in my face was the last thing I felt like doing! But I'm back in the blogging swing of things now :)

I bought this jumper in the Topshop sale some time late last year. I haven't actually worn it that much and started to really dislike it. I don't know what made me put it on today but I'm glad I did because I've decided that I actually do like it after all. I think it's one of those prints that is so ugly so it's nice if that makes any sense at all! I bought these shorts on eBay the other week and they're definitely too big for me. If I put a belt on them they don't look too bad but I'm still on a hunt for the perfect pair!

I took these photos in my new room which has natural light yay! So hopefully my photos will be a bit better from now on as I won't need to use the flash :)


  1. I love the jumper. Leopard print and pastels = yes xo

  2. From seeing your posts I've decided I must wear denim shorts more often! This is my new challenge!
    Considering it's such a bold and brash print it works really well with the denim shorts. I like!
    We need to do a meet up soon xx

  3. Lovely outfit, most TopShop jumpers seem to be like that: so ugly they're pretty (at least that's how I feel about mine most of the time). Love your hair!

  4. I love the way your shorts fit, sometimes I think bigger ones can look so nice, well they look so nice here any way :) I love ugly things that are nice- sometimes I pick up something in a shop and am like 'I can't decide whether this is amazing or disgusting' aha, my friends just give me funny looks and walk off! xx

  5. I really like the jumper, I'm a leopard print fan though! The shorts look really good, definitely close to the perfect pair, sometimes they do look good when they are a little bigger!

  6. andi can't believe how stunning you look in all your photos!


  7. I'm exactly the same as you, I don't like things so hide it away then I get it out months later and completely change my mind! Love this jumper. It's perfect for this weather!x

  8. The perfect comfy, off-duty look. Love it!


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