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I bought this cardigan last year but I hardly ever wear it, I don't know why because it is quite nice! I love the colour and burn out texture to this top, especially with the cardigan. I had to put my big navy cardigan and fur coat on over the top of this because it was so so cold today! Seriously what is wrong with the weather at the moment, hot sun one week and snow the next?!

Had a day of doing odd jobs and went into town to help mum with the food shop. Pretty boring day really! Although at least it was productive.


  1. Love your vintage Levi shorts they look so good, really want a pair!

    Jade x

    Ginger Pickle ♥

  2. This necklace is so good! Think this will be next on my list of jewellery to get :) x

  3. Haha I got confused with the weather today also - fingers crossed for a bbq I'm going to tomorrow!
    I agree, you should defo wear this cardigan out more, the pattern is lovely
    It would be mine

  4. This is cute! And to say i have no idea what to wear today ><


  5. Gorgeous outfit, I love your necklace :)

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  7. ooh I love this outfit :) Such nice shorts and looks ace with that top :) Love it

    Mel x www.mediamarmalade.com

  8. Love your belt with that peace necklace!
    Shope xo

  9. Aw lovely outfit! Particularly like the necklace, I've just made some beaded peace signs for my shop.


  10. Your shorts are so nice! Love the cardigan too, very pretty!

  11. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one experiencing bipolar weather.... Also, the burn out tee looks really nice with that cardi! I usually don't like burn out tees but I don't really feel that way about this one :)

  12. Lovely outfit! Want some of those shorts. I'm hating the weather at the moment, I want the sunshine back! :) xx

  13. Love this, love the texture of the top! I often buy stuff like cardigans that are really nice but never wear them that often!

  14. Just come across your blog and I love it! You have such good style! Love the shorts in this outfit. I've got similar Levi shorts but they fit me really weirdly, like, too baggy in the crotch area - never a good look haha! Devastated as I love them! So yeah, big love for your clothes :)




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