11//05//2012 topshop aztec print bodycon skirt grey vest leather jacket topshop aztec print bodycon skirt grey vest leather jacket cross necklace topshop aztec print bodycon skirt grey vest leather jacket cross necklace Leather Jacket, Top, Skirt | Topshop, 
Necklace | Burton via eBay, Belt | Vintage

Whoops, pretty much everything is from Topshop today, I hate doing that! I really wanted the dress in this aztec print but it sold out so quickly I didn't get my hands on it soon enough. I don't actually mind now though because I really love this skirt. I stopped wearing bodycon skirts for a while but I'm finding them essential for pairing with all my oversized tshirts that I'm loving at the moment.

Off to London this weekend but it's a pretty quick visit, just seeing some family. Hopefully I won't have a chance to spend any money as I seriously need to save for next month. I have so much going on in June, most exciting is my holiday to Cornwall and then Ibiza! Wondering whether I'm actually going to have any money to spend while I'm there though- I've got a bit carried away with buying holiday clothes!!


  1. I abslutely love this outfit! The toppers skirt is lovely :)


  2. We love the skirt, I'm sure you'll get more wear out of it as opposed to the dress!
    JS xx


  3. Lovely skirt! Haha I'm the same i get so excited about buying holiday outfits that I forget to save money to actually spend when I'm there!
    Cara x

  4. I love that skirt! Really wanted the leggings with that print xo

  5. i keep doing that with topshop clothing! i keep getting ready, and when it comes to blogging i'm like dammit all the same shop again. you look lush :)

    chlo @chlowitty blogs

  6. I absolutely LOVE this outfit, and too much topshop can never really be a bad thing aha. I also need a leather jacket in my life, uh oh goodbye penniesssss xx

  7. Gorgeous outfit, I love the skirt! And you cant go wrong with abit of Topshop :)
    I know how you feel, I'm going to China next month and I've practically brought a whole new wardrobe haha x

  8. Saw this on insta and immediately loved everything about it :) perfect outfit! x

  9. oooh I lOVE this outfit on you. The skirt is amaze, love the print and I totally like the dressed down T with it

    Mel x
    shes always questioning me

  10. Love love love this outfit!

    Topshop is the bomb though, I often do outfit posts with just Topshop clothes!

    J x

    Ginger Pickle ♥

  11. Stunning outfit. I like your jacket because it's quite unique and very beautiful..:)
    Womens Online Store

  12. The skirt is lovely, I stopped wearing bodycons quite a while back, think I need to get a few in! They make for good day wear nowdays whereas before you could never wear them!

    joanne from jimmilou.com

  13. Love the vest, I've spied them in topshop and it looks like the perfect kind of slouch fit.



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