14//05//2012 ombre dip dye tshirt h and m leather jacketTop, Bag & Skirt | H&M,  
Jacket & Scarf | Topshop, Necklace | Ebay

I'm really loving the dip dye trend at the moment and had to buy this top when I saw it! I've been meaning to attempt dip dyeing a couple of tshirts myself but haven't got round to it yet. I love this top because it's quite floaty and the back of it is sheer with a dipped hem. This bag is another H&M purchase but from a few years ago. I recently found it in the back of my wardrobe and fell in love with it again!

I am so so glad we're having some sun now, it's about time! Today I'm enjoying having a day off (they seem to be rare at the moment) and still trying to shift all the clutter in my room. I just can't believe how much stuff I have, it's ridiculous! From now on I'm going to try and not let it build up. If I'm not going to miss it then there's no point in having it - I'm trying so hard to be ruthless!


  1. Love that top :) Ah having a room clear out is so much fun cause I always find things I've forgotten about or really old photos ~ox


  2. Definitely going to keep an eye out for that top, it looks lovely.

    Ria x

  3. I like this outfit, especially the bag and top! x

  4. Love this outfit! That bad was a great re-find too :) x

  5. Such a lovely dip die tee! I'm after one too, and this looks so simple but you wear it ever so well!x

  6. Love the vest - def going to keep my eye out for that one. Seems nice and festivally!

  7. That is such an awesome shirt. The necklace goes perfectly with it. Love it!


  8. I'm loving dip dye and I have some things I would like to try dip dye but I'm too scared! Lovely outfit though and good luck with being ruthless, I know what its like when you are having a clear out and there is a little voice that just keeps saying 'just in case'.
    Cara x

  9. I love this outfit, you look lovely! :D x x

  10. oh wow this is one of my favourite outfits of yours! I LOVE IT especially the top its lovely,

  11. Gorgeous top love it with the jacket! Loving bodycons on you at the moment :) xx

    Katharine from kathykins.com

  12. Love the vest, I'm a sucker for anything that has been dip dyed at the moment :) xx

  13. Love the top, definitely need to add some dip dye to my wardrobe. I think I would just make a big mess if I did some DIYing so might just leave it to the professionals! Oh and on the clutter note, gosh I find it so hard to get rid of things sometimes I just have to be ruthless!

    joanne from jimmilou.com

  14. Just scrolled through so many of your pages!
    Love all your outfits :)
    Love this top so much, will be keeping a lookout for it!


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