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Earrings | Regal Rose

I really love this top/dress but I'm not sure if it looks too much like those bags that hold oranges. I love how high necked and 90s it is but it does get caught on everything because it's so sheer! Still wearing this skirt with everything :)

It was my dad's birthday today so we went for a meal which was really nice. He's 73 now but you wouldn't guess it, he still looks at least 10 years younger than that. I always find buying presents for my dad ridiculously difficult, he isn't into all those typical dad things like golf, football and drinking beer and I swear the older he gets the grumpier fussier he gets! So I usually settle for giving him something like a dvd or something for the garden, I always wish I could find him something more interesting though!


  1. I find my Dad so hard to buy for aswell - it always ends up being socks or a tie as he gets golf balls from everyone else! Love your tunic, never seen something like it before and I get what you mean about the Oranges bag haha ~ox


  2. Love the tunic. The earrings look amazing with the darker colour outfit too xx

  3. happpy birthday to your dad, and i love that top! it reminds me of spiders webs, but in the best possible way :DD

    rebecca x

  4. This outfit looks awesome on you and I love your earring! x

  5. haha I was literally going to ask you why this post was called oranges but you explained it didn't yaa ;) I LOVE it so much so if you don't like it you can give it to meeeeee xx


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