A Month in Photos

18//06//2012 OOTD in Edinburgh | Watching the Olympic torch in Ludlow | Going to a day festival in Bristol 
Seeing Sweeney Todd in London last weekend | Eating an amazing cookie dessert in Bella Italia
Playing drawing games on the train with my sister | Getting a battery for this old camera | Going out in Reading with Katharine and Yasmin 
Birthday cake for one of my best friends | Finally moving into my new room | Wishing the rain would go away

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (both @chloehford) you may have seen some of these photos I've taken over the past month. I've had such a busy one going to Edinburgh, Bristol, Reading and London - far toooo many miles on a train! I am completely skint now but have had so much fun.

Last weekend my sister and I went to stay with my grandparents in London and went to the theatre to see Sweeney Todd and Chicago. I was pretty reluctant about Sweeney Todd because the story line is so grim but my sister persuaded me to see it and she managed to get us really cheap front row tickets by queuing outside the theatre at 10am. It was really, really good and I would definitely recommend going to see it before it finishes in September!


  1. Looks like you've been having fun!


  2. love instagram so much! it's completely addictive.


  3. Love the look of that cookie dessert!
    Thanks for following by the way xo

  4. ah I want to go to the theatre sounds so much fun. LOVE Chicago and I'm such a Sweeny Todd fan but that's because I love the film as Johnny Depp is in it. Such a babe haaa xx

  5. That dessert looks so yummy and I love your bedding, it's so pretty :) xx

  6. I love your bed and wallpaper! :)


  7. I spot some other bloggers! Glad you had a wins time in London, you've made me want to see Sweeney Todd now and I walked out of the cinema whilst watching it!


  8. Your blog is so great, Im now folowing you!



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