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08//08//2012 Dress | c/o Glamorous,  
Jacket & Earrings | Topshop, Bandeau | American Apparel (cheap eBay one here)

This is my favourite kind of dress, when it just hangs like a long vest or tshirt because they're so easy to chuck on over some leggings! I especially like the dropped arm holes, to give a bit more detail to the outfit. Usually I try to limit the amount of crosses I wear in an outfit to mix it up a bit, especially after my Grandad asked if I was trying to tell them something by wearing so many crosses! He also once asked me if I needed some money to buy new shorts because my denim ones were all frayed, I had to explain to him that I kind of liked them fraying around the edges ha!!

I'm having a busy week including working, going to Bath and Cheltenham and then Bristol at the end of the week yay! Yesterday I went into town to have a consultation for contact lenses (at the moment I'm only wearing my glasses when I really need to, and annoying my friends by being blind most of the time!) The optician gave me a little lesson in how to put them in and omgggg it is so difficult!! I'm thinking I'm going to need a lot of practise before I can do it in less than half and hour ha! She kept telling me to press harder to get them out but it grossed me out far too much... I suppose I just need to get the hang of it and I'm really looking forward to be able to see properly without needing to wear glasses :)


  1. Really cute! xo


  2. Such a lovely outfit, love the jacket. Your grandad sounds funny!
    With the lenses, you definitely will get used to it. My OH started using them almost a year ago, and it took him AGES to learn how to put them in, and he used to get totally grossed out by anything to do with eyes but now he puts them in & out without any hassle. So it's just a matter of practice :) x
    Sirens and Bells

  3. Love the outfit. your make up looks perfect xx

  4. fitt as perrr. & lol about your grandad too funny, so cute :)

    what are you up to in cheltt? I went to school in chelt and my home home is just outside aha, small worldddd. YAY this weekend xx

  5. PS I need to get contact lenses too urghhhh, but I'm going to appreciate being able to see :) xx

  6. Ha ha bless your grandad :) I love this vest and the little striped bandeau underneath! I don't think I'd be able to cope with contact lenses, I struggle with eye drops ha ha :) xx

  7. Hair and makeup is flawless, as always! Haha.. love the outfit and aw bless your grandad! My nan says similar things to me when I go and visit her! I hope you have a fun week, even if it is jam-packed! I'm in Bristol at the end of the week too :)
    Sam xx

  8. Love the outfit, especially the jacket. I'm on the hunt for a good leather jacket for A/W so will keep my eyes peeled for something similar! :)

    Beaut, as ever :) x

  9. Love the outfit, the dress is gorgeous xx

  10. that's my favourite kind of dress too! you look great Chloe!

    - ordaining serendipity

  11. Aaaw your grandad sounds like such a cutie :D I get a similar reaction from mine when I wear my Docs "oh not those bloody big man boots again" haha!

    Love this look though, especially the detail with your little bandeau underneath <3

  12. ah I love that dress, looks so pretty with the bandeau! haha bless your grandad! x

  13. Your Grandad sounds sweet, bless him! Cute outfit too hun :)



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