02//09//2012 Top | Topshop, Shorts | Levis, Bandeau | American Apparel,  
Shoes | ASOS, Belt | Vintage, Earrings | Urban Outifitters, Cardigan | Primark

I've just got back from my annual holiday to Eastbourne which you may have seen on my Instagram (@chloehford). My whole family goes down there every year to watch my Grandad play tennis in the tournament. I've been going since I was a baby and my mum's been going since she was a baby too! We all camp/stay in caravans which is so so nice, there's about 20 of us in all and my 7 cousins and I are all around the same age so we all have loads of fun. The weather wasn't too bad but it did rain for a couple of days, on one of the sunnier ones I decided to take some outfit photos.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to have my hair cut, it had been bugging me for ages because it was so so dry and limp and tangly and so many different shades of orange - yuck! I would always turn the yellow saturation down on all the photos I took so my hair was the colour I actually wanted (the only thing I change about my blog photos). So I had it all chopped off and it's such a relief, I love long hair but my hair is just too thin and limp to look good long :( I'm so pleased it's all one colour again, years of bleaching it myself has not done it any good. I really wanted it to be a white/silvery colour but the hairdresser said my hair was too damaged to get that colour yet. Hopefully next time!!


  1. Your top is so cute, love it! You really suit your hair a bit shorter - I really need to chop my ends off too, they're so dry and horrible! x


  2. I love your outfit, your hair looks lovely. I'm in need of a trim too. I've just not got round to it xx

  3. That top is adorable and I love that it matches your shoes.


  4. You look lovely, the pink really suits your skin tone, and loving the shorter hair too. I am right with you on the hair colour drama…i wish i had never started to colour my hair!!!!xxxx

  5. You looks so pretty! Pink suits you xo

  6. I love your outfit, I mentioned your blog in my recent post as I love it!

  7. loving your new hair!


  8. I love your blog so much! You should have worn your creepers! Would have been cute <3


  9. The lipstick really flatters your skin tone, so pretty!


  10. HAIRRRRRRRR, looove it!! Are you coming
    To brisfest babeeeee x

  11. lovely outfit, you look stunning!

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