Winter Wishlist


1. I've had my eye on this pleather skirt for a while, I love the little studs (although they could be annoying if I wanted to wear a belt) and I've never owned a leather skirt so I might have to buy this! Especially as it's only £15 inc P+P!

2. I've been lusting over a Michael Kors watch for ages but I don't think I can justify spending £200 on one! I really like this similar oversized one from ASOS as my watch at the moment is looking a little worse for wear. I might have to ask for it for Christmas :) £30

3. I'm really liking dogtooth prints at the moment, and I love how oversized this jumper is. I've been buying so many jumpers at the moment I really don't need another one though :(  £36

4. I love buying earrings and I though these ones were quite different and 80s looking! £5

5. I buy so so many tops and tshirts and my wardrobe is looking pretty black and grey at the moment so thought I'd throw in this speckled tee. I love the texture of this tshirt and it would look really nice with the leather skirt. £14

6. I'm looking for a new handbag at the moment, especially one that's a bit smaller as all of mine are massive! I thought this one was pretty different with the shearling on and would look good for Winter :) £25


  1. Absolutely adore the jumper and the bag, will be adding that to my wishlist too!


  2. i looked at a few skirts like that yesterday on my shopping trip. I really want one I just dont know if I could pull it off or whether it would be one of those things that just sits in my wardrobe for ever!



  3. really like that watch, i love the michael kors too but not sure i would wear it enough to justify the price tag.


  4. Love the skirt! Love everything you've picked actually :) xo

  5. Awwh all of these look so pretty!xx I have that top and it's so lovely and pretty;) it goes perfectly with everything- leggings, tucked in...
    I also love the look of the rose gold watches, but don't think it would be suitable for school!!
    I just found your blog from my suggested bit on Twitter, I love your style!!xx



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