Wonderbra Haul of Fame - T-Shirt Bra

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I was very excited to be asked to participate in Wonderbra's Haul of Fame campaign. I was sent 4 different bras to create an outfit I would wear with each of them. I never have much luck with bras, I'm quite fussy and I never really find ones that are very comfortable. I can now safely put that down to always going for cheap Primark/H&M ones (whoops). After trying these Wonderbras I can tell a massive difference with comfort and support - and I'm really not just saying that!

Wonderbra are generously offering a £1000 shopping spree and a styling session with fashion stylist Sophie Stevens. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is visit their Facebook page and upload a picture of yourself in an outfit and recommend a Wonderbra to match! Wonderbra have also released the 'Wonderbra Decoder App' which helps you decide which bra is best for which outfit.

The bra I'm featuring today is the T-Shirt Bra which I found very easy to style as I wear T-Shirts all the time - so a seam free bra is essential! I always thought that Wonderbras were purely for creating cleavages and volume (which doesn't really interest me) but I was definitely wrong about that, this is by far the most comfortable bra I've worn and is perfect for wearing under thin tops. It is described as having 'gradual padding' which means the bigger the cup size, the thinner the padding - perfect for all shapes and sizes!

During the next couple of weeks I will be uploading some more outfits with the various bras - finally getting back into the swing of blogging :)

***Although I was sent these bras, I would never lie on my blog. If I say I like something then I genuinely do!***


  1. Lovely outfit, big fan of the skirt! I'm a wonderbra fab after trying their 'plunge' one :) also we are definitely hair twins now!! Xxxxx

  2. I was asked to enter and i stupidly didnt! I'm glad you've found Wonderbras T-shirt bra good for you, and i'm loving your tee.. very cuteeeeeeee!! xx

  3. just discovered your blog and i'm loving it :) you have great style xx

  4. I love this outfit, the top and skirt go so well together. xx

  5. Why do you call it t-shirt bra ? i mean whats the logic behind it ? asking this cuz never heard about it before, the outfit is really nice though.

  6. I really like your outfits and i always purchased wonderbra ultimate bras. Thanks for sharing your outfits.


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