Wonderbra Haul of Fame - Ultimate Strapless


Dress | Topshop,  Blazer | River Island,  
Necklace | Topman via eBay (similar here), Strapless Bra | Wonderbra!

This next bra is the Ultimate Strapless, one of the most difficult bras to get right I think! I don't often wear strapless tops because I've always found it so difficult to feel comfortable in them - they often feel like they're going to fall down and cause me heaps of embarrassment! I've tried many strapless bras, all of them very unsupportive. I've even tried one of those strange stick on bras from Primark but they feel so odd having something stuck to your boobs that I couldn't get on with them at all! This strapless bra from Wonderbra is the most supportive I've ever tried though, I was genuinely surprised when I tried it on. It uses hand technology (the hand shaped structures I was describing in the last post) and silicone strips that give extra hold, making you feel completely reassured that it isn't going to just fall down! It gives my bust extra shape which I like - something other strapless bras haven't done at all. I'm very excited that I can buy some more strapless tops and dresses without having the problem of which bra to wear!

The Wonderbra competition to win a £1000 shopping spree and styling with Sophie Stevens is ending tomorrow, so make sure that you upload your outfits asap! Visit the Facebook page for more information :)

***Although I was sent these bras, I would never lie on my blog. If I say I like something then I genuinely do!*** 


  1. yeah.. i never wear strapless bras... they're too much of a hassle..


  2. you look beautiful!

    X Jenny

  3. I love that dress, did you buy it recently? and if not, how can I find it on ebay?xx

  4. looove this outfit, the colours are so pretty and suit you so well!

    also love your blog, following now :))


  5. I always worry that my strapless bra is going to leave me in a very embarrassing situation! This a great look, and the wonderbra strapless bra is definitely something i'll be looking into purchasing myself xx

  6. You are really like fairy ...
    About whom i heard from my grandmother stories ...
    Really a nice look.


  7. I love the Wonderbra strapless, I especially like this seamless push-up bra. It fits really well and I will be purchasing more of them in the future.

  8. Best strapless bra I've ever tried as well, great post :) x


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