Topshop Wishlist #3


1. Geo Stripe Tee  I buy far too many t-shirts like this, I really like the design on this one though, would look really good under a jacket.

2. Studded Bag   I'm shying away from studs a tad at the moment but I really liked this bag, I'm on the lookout for a new handbag but think I'd like something a bit smaller (and cheaper!)

3. Chain Necklace  I'm really liking chain necklaces over t-shirts at the moment. This one's a bit different with the two tone effect, may have to buy it!

4. Oxblood Tube Skirt  I've tried this skirt on about 3 times now but I just don't think they suit me. I'm not sure if it's just a case of getting used to midi/maxi skirts on me. Perhaps I should just bite the bullet and buy one as I really like how they look with simple tshirts and always wish I had one in the summer.

5. Coat  I bought a similar version of this coat last Winter but in dark grey. I've been lusting after a light grey one all of this Winter but just don't think I can justify buying another expensive coat!


  1. that studded bag looks perfect and i need that coat! ox

  2. perfect outfit!
    That coat is amazing, and agreed I own far too many graphic tees x

  3. ah i tried on the coat the other day and it is so perf! im definitely going back to get it eeeee :) xx

  4. ohh these items are all seriously amaaaazing, that coat and the skirt..just wow!xx


  5. I've also been lusting after that Topshop blazer, wanting it very badly for Spring! xx


  6. I love this as an entire outfit! I bought a midi skirt last year and still haven't managed to wear it, but can't bear to get rid of it! Maybe once it becomes warm enough to not need tights I can finally bring it out :D xx

  7. That necklace is lovely. Reminds me of the HRH collection ones without the hefty price tag!

    - Bryden x


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