22//08//2013 cutwork t shirt playsuit topshop blog cutwork t shirt playsuit topshop blog cutwork t shirt playsuit topshop blog cutwork t shirt playsuit topshop blog  
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Bag | Charity Shop

Yayy look I did an outfit post! Even though it was interrupted half way through because I had something really painful in my eye and had to take all my eye makeup off to take it out. But I didn't let it stop me yay! I took these in a different place which I actually think works better, although I should really try and take pictures when the sun isn't going down but it's better than nothing!

I had my hair cut today and some highlights put through which was very over due. I hate going to the hairdressers so much that I always put it off until my roots have got so bad! I bought this playsuit yesterday in Bath even though I can't really afford it. I thought I better buy some going out clothes as I'm starting uni in a few weeks I can tell I'm going to run out of things to wear in the evening. Also going through a strange logic of trying to buy things that I know I won't be able to afford when I'm living in halls. I realise that it's probably more logical to save up but I'm not very good at doing that. 

I'd seen this playsuit before in black but didn't really think much of it as I already have a black playsuit. But when I saw it in blue I just thought it was so much more interesting than the black one and loved how it looked with a gold chain and red lips. Definitely makes me want to blog a lot when I buy new clothes!


  1. that blue color looks so fresh on you :)

  2. you look amazing that colour suits you so well! what a gorgeous playsuit!

  3. The colour looks gorgeous with your hair - love it! X x


  4. Gorgeous outfit, i absolutely adore the playsuit. You're hair looks lovely :) xx


  5. I lvoe it! You look beautiful! Love the playsuit :)

  6. Aha this colour is pretty, I love the detailing!xx

  7. cute playsuit, I agree, the blue is a nice difference!
    Natalie Anne Bourn- www.theorangewalls.blogspot.co.uk

  8. you look a beaut! love this colour, it really suits you!

  9. Your hair is looking super duper!!
    Love this playsuit, the colour realllllly suits you!
    Hope you're ok lovely xxx

  10. Oh, sooo pretty! This is a really lovely colour on you, really suits you a lot! x

  11. Your hair looks so gorgeous - the shape, the colour , everything!
    Looking at your hair makes me so tempted to chop mine too!

    Rachel x | joy-and.blogspot.co.uk


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